Lending a helping hand

We admire the resilience and bravery of the people of Ukraine who spare no effort in defending their homeland. Now more than ever, we feel that companies like ourselves have a shared responsibility to stand up and contribute to protecting the social fabric we are part of.

We help with the means we can to aid our friends, colleagues, business partners and the Ukrainian community. Brick has made a sizeable donation to two organizations that help refugees: the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta and Archivizer/ArchiCGI. The former is well-known for providing humanitarian aid, the latter is a fundraiser campaign launched by an archviz studio based in Ukraine.

As a team, we have also collected food, toiletries and other supplies that will be transported to Ukrainian refugees tomorrow. It is also heartwarming to see how our colleagues do their part by donating on an individual level to organizations of their choice.

The Ukrainian archviz industry needs our support too. Several 3D professionals and studios strive to maintain their operation despite the critical situation. We outsource some of our projects to our vendors and professionals in Ukraine and encourage you to provide them with opportunities as well – the quality of their services and work ethic is outstanding.

Can those affected count on your compassion and help too? We have collected some verified initiatives below. The selection is far from complete but lists the efforts we came across in our peers’ communication.

  • Archivizer: create a project, name it ‘Charity’ and write the sum you would like to donate. The manager will write it as the project cost and you will be able to pay. All the money will be sent directly to the refugees coming to Lviv city.
  • Return Alive Foundation: Save Life
  • An open list of Ukrainian creative companies and artists
  • Campaigns promoted by Ronen Bekerman and Evermotion
  • An article by Archdaily on the war and how to contribute

This is our time to lend a helping hand!

Image titled ‘Boy’, created by Bogdan Prylucki, Senior 3D Artist of Brick who is based in Ukraine.


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