Our expertise

See our exceptional and advanced services that cover a broad spectrum of visualization solutions.

Architectural Visualization

We give voice to yet unbuilt architecture. Our architectural design communication services include creating stills, animations and motion images. Through these, we help our partners relay their vision, win competitions, and shape the built environment of the future. Go to gallery

3D Production Services

We craft spectacular digital content by merging artistry with the latest technologies. The range of services offered covers the entire range of 3D production solutions, as well as VR and various interactive content. Our references include ads, spots and trailers that have been created for the media and entertainment, automotive and aviation industries, to list a few. See video

Brick Academy

We offer specialized education in the rapidly evolving industry of archviz through our educational brand, Brick Academy. Our industry professionals share their expertise by organizing practice-based courses for 3D artists. Through online, in-class and hybrid courses, we teach individuals how to craft artful images and animations. Go to Academy

Software Solution

Pulze is a set of user-friendly, customizable and powerful pipeline tools that supercharge 3D visualization workflows. The software family is widely used in the archviz industry as it provides highly automated processes that optimize the work of professionals who handle complex projects concurrently. Go to pulze

Training for Companies

We provide tailor-made and inspiring training services for companies who want to equip their employees with relevant archviz skills. Small- and mid-size archviz studios and architecture firms with a visualization department could benefit greatly from this development opportunity. The training is available in online, in-class and onsite formats, for teams of 6 or more. See details