We are launching our VR and AR services

We have just released its interactive solutions website. We offer virtual and augmented reality services which can be experienced through our self developed demo app.


We believe, that VR, AR and mixed reality can be serious game-changers in revolutionizing the way we communicate architecture and design.

Beside our unmistakable artistic style, Brick Visual has always been highly enthusiastic about technology and harvested the latest innovations in their industry. In 2016 we decided to establish a dedicated Research and Development team to not only follow, but develop solutions ourselves.

As HMDs (head mounted devices) are getting more and more affordable, interactive solutions are the next steps in architecture, not only in presenting ideas, but throughout the whole process from making changes to following up design decisions.

Brick l static 360 VR offer solutions to choose different styles, navigate by hotspots or layouts and switch between daytime and nighttime. One of the greatest challenges in sharing ideas in virtual reality was the separation of users. With Brick l VR’s sync function, multiple customers are able to discover visualization simultaneously, seeing the same part of the project, even if they are on a different side of the planet.

Brick l AR Brick helps its users  to evaluate and present designs in an engaging way. It enables rapid review and adjustments, helps viewers to engage, shows designs in a 1:1 scale virtual model and compares different phases of a design.

A demo version of the Brick l VR and Brick l AR are already available for download.

Brick l Real time VR visualization run by a game engine and it is rendering simultaneously with the users movement and control. This way they can get interactively involved in a lifelike environment, discover  details, spaciousness and overall feel. Brick | real time VR is the most immersive and engaging way to make decisions and changes in designs compared to real life adjustments.

The new website is an informative source on Brick Visual’s r&d experiments and VR and AR solutions.

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