Zsófi Barabás – a portrait

Looking back on our fruitful collaboration with Zsófi Barabás last year, we wanted to dive deeper into the mind of this renowned Hungarian artist, to explore her story further. Thus, being the devout storytellers that we are, who better to conceptualize and produce this personal introduction, than ourselves!

Our previous partnership resulted in a diverse presentation of her concept statues through an internal competition amongst some brilliant Brick artists. The proposals created by them, forged a beautiful and seamless integration between our two artistic realms, through their images and animation.

We are very grateful to Zsófi for this inspiring relationship that has blossomed between our crafts, and for opening up and sharing a piece of her thoughts and experiences with us in this audiovisual portrait.



‘My sketches are like a diary, a vision of how it was then, at a certain point in time and place.’


Sketches serving as snapshots from specific moments in life


‘My paintings have a concept and an idea behind them, but i rather want the viewer to be affected by the piece and create their own story.’



The virtue of making mistakes

Learning and evolving in her craft over the years, Zsófi has a strong conviction about avoiding the perceived horror of making mistakes in your work. From experience, she’s found that embracing the creative events that might be regarded as errors, slips and mistakes, can lead to brand-new ideas or techniques in the creative flow.

The actual process itself can be pleasantly surprising, with unexpected new possibilities and results, that you’d never thought of if blinded by the fear of unconventionality.


Transfering delicate drawings into a spacial experience in steel


Entering a realm of three dimensions

In 2019, Zsófi was invited to participate in a workshop for sculptors, where she, as originally a painter, grabbed the opportunity to attempt transferring her drawings into a three dimensional space. Starting by making small maquettes out of paper, she moved on to creating a collection of stainless steel sculptures, eventually joining them into one, interacting piece.

She was soon entertaining the idea of experiencing these maquettes as a 5-6 meter high sculpture park in its full glory, displayed out in nature or in an urban environment.


‘The four interacting full-scale sculptures could act like a game of hide and seek. I’m hiding, but at the same time also searching for new perspectives.’

From maquette to a vision of grand scale

As Zsófi had conceived the idea to present these four statuettes as a large-scale public art installation, our team designed a range of visuals to help her achieve this. Conducted within an internal competition, through this creative challenge, our artists were given a free hand to visualize Barabás’s concept, set against a variety of unique settings.

The images presented here demonstrate the seamless integration of the two disciplines, resulting in a compelling proposal.


An animation by Federica Coccia


Making a connection, conveying a story

As mentioned, having the in-house skills, imagination and confidence to tell stories has always been part of Brick’s DNA. The planing and production of an engaging and informative story, presented in a visually tailor-made fashion for the subject at hand, is our bread and butter, and the constant challenge we live for!

Each exciting motif or study is embraced through the eyes, ears and perception of inspired and passionate visual artists, equipped with the technical know-how to convey their, and the subjects vision in a captivating way.

For further info and insight into Zsófi’s art, make sure you visit her at www.zsofibarabas.net

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