Wine-tasting teambuilding in Eger

It has been a long time since we last moved out of the office, and forgot about all the polygons and renderbuckets for a while.  Also, as the Brick team had doubled since our last long escape, it was time to get to know each other outside of the office.


Hungary has many outstanding wine regions, and when autumn comes along with the season of grape picking, it is traditionally the celebration of harvest and wine.  After visiting Villány and Etyek, it was time for us to test the hills of the historic town Eger! During the weekend, we visited the AÉS, Almagyar Cardinal’s Vineyard, where the owners took us on a fantastic wine-safari, and we got a taste of their pure, naturalistic wines.

We also got the chance to unleash a bit of our adrenaline resources on the paintball battlefield. However the peak moment was the royal dinner Gál Tibor Fúzió served along with a selection of their wines. Absolutely stunning architecture and a stylish combination of traditional and modern. We had a great time in Eger, and will definitely go back!

Adrenalin makes you beautiful


Enjoying peace


…and first class hospitality


on an award winning wine terrace.
Our super-long dinner table with some barrels in the reflection

200 years old vine cellar

And finally a large group of happy 3d artists having a prime time!

And finally a large group of happy 3d artists having a prime time!