white render

White Render Selection

By May 2, 2017 No Comments
A white render or a clay render is a very handy initial phase that shows the visual in its purest form. It is quick and informative and it gives a good understanding of the composition and the light set-up. Besides its efficiency, we think a good white render can be absolutely gorgeous on its own, without getting lost in the details. Yet, these remarkable stills usually get lost in the production pipeline, as the focus is on the final image. It is therefore we put together a little compilation of these white renders where  architecture, composition and purity rule.

Oak Lobby, WR

White Interior

Sandvedparken, WR

Kaza Interior, WR

Skaun Ungdomsskole, WR

Sussex University, WR

Bjørvika hotel and apartment complex, WR

Atrium, WR

Norwegian Residential Area WR

Buahuas Archive Extension, WR

Bane Nor warehouse, WR

UK Holocaust Memorial, WR

Astana Expo WR

Mnevniki Masterplan, WR

ALQ Berlin, WR

Porsgrunn Church, WR