We were Shortlisted

To ease the process of starting a new job, a new team, in a new neighborhood, or sometimes in a new country, we developed a set of gamified cards with spectacular and friendly design.


Now we are proud to announce that this project was shortlisted at the ArtHungry Award which is part of the Hungarian Design Week.
At Brick Visual, we believe that our strength is in our team of highly trained individuals and we use the visually engaging cards to ease the integration of new members. Currently, more than 50 people are working in the Budapest office, and we are expanding quite frequently.

Our Orientation Cards have two primary functions: on one hand they are informative and fun and on the other hand they invite the new colleagues to playfully explore various segments of the company, get to know other and test themselves in action through serious, absurd or fictional tasks related to the particular topic. The cards cover a wide array of topics: from the know-hows of the company private health insurance, through our birthday bash traditions to our capacity planning rules.

This way, new colleagues collect all necessary information in their own pace with the guidance of the cards, and they do not have to face unexpected situations due to the lack of information. Not to mention that the first days or weeks become much less stressful and more fun.

We are glad that not only our new colleges, but also the jury loved our carefully designed cards.