Unreal Engine: a new standard in archviz

At Brick, where we provide design communication services for top international clients, staying at the forefront of 3D technology is not just a priority. It’s a strategic imperative. In addition to leveraging industry tools like Chaos Vantage, we actively drive innovation through experiments within our research and development department. Our tech platform,  Pulze is just one example born from these successful initiatives. 

Our goal is to cultivate a highly skilled pool of talent capable of elevating client ideas in archviz, media, and entertainment. To stay ahead in these dynamic industries, continuous development of our production methods and pipelines is paramount. That’s why one of our top priorities is integrating real-time engines, particularly Unreal Engine.

Widely recognized in the gaming industry, Unreal Engine has become an equally indispensable tool in architectural visualization. Its ability to swiftly create realistic and captivating environments has positioned it as a game-changer. Citing András Káldos, CEO of Brick: 

It’s a safe bet that soon, using Unreal Engine in archviz will become an industry standard, much like 3Ds Max and V-Ray are today. While currently, only a few archviz specialists have mastered this software, at Brick, experience in Unreal is a significant advantage when applying for a position.

The value of Unreal Engine in archviz is manifold. It streamlines pipelines, resulting in superior-quality output at an accelerated pace. The real-time feature ensures visual outcomes are produced swiftly and flexibly, a departure from the traditional wait for pre-rendered still images. Moreover, Unreal proves invaluable in creating interactive, VR, and AR content, offering a wide range of possibilities.


Coldefy’s Performing Arts Center in Shenzhen, created with Unreal Engine 


As a creative production studio, we are heavily investing in research and development to seamlessly integrate Unreal Engine into our pipeline. This not only optimizes production but also enables us to offer new, high-quality services to our clients.

To harness the full potential of Unreal, we are placing a strong emphasis on training our team of 3D artists. Through our educational brand, Brick Academy, we are conducting in-house training sessions. Dedicated to nurturing talent within the industry at large as well, Brick Academy is proud to launch a 10-day course named Unreal Archviz Animation. Open to all interested in upgrading their skills, these courses will be held at our headquarters, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn directly from our experts with hands-on experience in utilizing the software.

Join us at Brick’s HQ for 10 days to learn this game-changer tool inside out!

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