The virtual worlds of
Giulia Adami & András Vida

Art of Brick featured artist of the month continues with a tweak, as we introduce not one but two artists: Giulia Adami, Project Manager and Senior 3D artist and András Vida, Creative Director and Senior 3D artist. The artist couple creates prolifically outside work hours, as they actively participate in design challenges and explore new media to express themselves. This article brings together works they created individually and as a duo.  

Both Giulia and András have an academic background in architecture and a wide-ranging interest in and knowledge of related creative fields, such as motion graphics, design, and 3D art. Their flair and passion for presentation methods within the profession lead them to pursue a career in archviz and fill key positions at Brick, where they have been working for over 5 years. 


Volvo Rottweiler, Grand prize-winning design by András Vida

The drive to create 

There are numerous platforms and brands dedicated to hosting international creative challenges and competitions addressed to 3D artists. While both Giulia and András keep their eyes open for such opportunities, their motivation for participating in them varies. As András puts it: 

In this industry, taking part in competitions is the best way to improve yourself and develop skills. It also fills you with a sense of joy when you look at the end result — what you have created and submitted for the call.


1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, second prize-winning design by András Vida


András regularly enters official design contests organized by Lego, the toy production company that has affected his life since childhood. Most of his conceptual proposals represent constructions and vehicles, like the Volvo Rottweiler (above), the imagined purpose of which is to print foundations on remote or hard-to-access places. Or the iconic 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 (above), which paired with the galloping horses stands for raw power and speed. The latter project also features a terrain that has been generated out of Lego pieces — András wrote a script in a 3D program to achieve this. 


Sweet Thieves by Giulia Adami


Giulia sees competitions rather differently — she views that these challenges are a fun way to express herself. The theme of a call is particularly decisive for her, as it has to evoke her interest, which in effect propels her to come up with her own interpretations and storylines. The image titled What’s up (below) was created for a contest called City of the Future that was hosted by 3D Disciple, an online platform and printed magazine dedicated to archviz.



The natural world became a fairy tale again. The shape of the stars is something majestic, the river is glowing and somehow the water tastes better than before.

Another line of her works is created for their own sake. These images frequently represent lighthearted scenes with lively indoor environments. An example of such is the illustration titled Buongiorno! (below), where the artist herself descends the staircase, greeted by an affectionate pooch. 


Buongiorno! by Giulia Adami

Milwaukee Art Museum animation

The couple also unites their talents for specific projects, as they see that by working together, they can achieve greater things and develop more complex narratives. In doing so, they also push each other, even challenge each other to do more. 

András’s earlier conceptual work — a digital model representing the Milwaukee Art Museum had been taken to new heights when together they decided to make a promo for the project. Intended for a Lego Ideas competition, the artists created an animation featuring the expressive building designed by Santiago Calatrava. Giulia reflects:

I was responsible for the wing-like structures of the museum, which was a real challenge as I had never animated a zoomorphic shape before. But after some attempts, I overcame the difficulties and managed to visualize the exquisite forms.

Once the animation had been completed, they presented it to Gergely Kis, Brick’s COO and in-house composer, who created a professional composition that matched the design and concept of the animation.

Even though the project was not selected to become a Lego set, the couple every now and then receives proposals to realize their design as architectural brick sets. They also received high praise from Santiago Calatrava himself, who shared the animation on his website and Youtube channel. 

Mózes Incze Virtual Gallery

Recently, the couple has been experimenting with interactive media as well. Their first project of the sort was created to help promote the art of Hungarian painter, Mózes Incze. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, visiting art institutions physically was impossible for months, putting artists in a more difficult position when visibility and presentation methods are considered. That is when Giulia and András offered Mózes, András’s godfather, to bring his art to the online realm, increasing the accessibility of his paintings. András recalls:

At first, Mózes was a bit hesitant to have a virtual art gallery. By that time, the Internet was flooded with poor-quality examples which made him believe that is how all digital galleries look like. When we created his gallery, we strived for a more refined, elegant look with a modern design that is respectful to the artist and his work.



Their efforts paid off, as Mózes was pleasantly surprised by the digital museum which houses his major solo exhibition. Art lovers can walk around the interactive museum and view his art by downloading this app.  


In fair Verona, they lay their scene

Giulia and András have more collaborative projects in their pipeline. In the not-so-distant future, they will introduce their complex project which they have been working on for over 2 years. As a teaser, they shared that their new design will also provide viewers with an interactive experience. Regarding their professional life at Brick, they will relocate to Verona in 2021 December to launch the Italian branch of the studio, from where they will collaborate with the HQ remotely. May their new venture reach new heights of success, we wish them all the best!

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