The uplifting techno of Adrian Zierath

There has been radio silence on Art of Brick – but we are now reviving the series with the beats of Adrian Zierath, our Project Manager and Senior 3D Artist. In his free time, Adrian creates uplifting techno during his sets as Cry Later, taking his audience on a journey of sensory exploration. He had lived a decade in Berlin, the Capital of Techno, where he sharpened his taste for different electronic music genres. Keep on reading to find out all about what he does! 

Adrian studied Product Design in Berlin. Through this specialization, he became familiar with design principles and 3D software. But he realized that he would rather combine his technological knowledge with his interest in architecture and chose to become an archviz artist. He started his career as an intern in Melbourne and later perfected his craft within Brick Academy’s Image Generalist in Archviz course in 2019. Having completed the course with outstanding results, he got offered a paid position at Brick. He has been creating powerful visualizations ever since and is a valued member of the Brick team. 


Adrian a.k.a Cry Later was invited by Katttarzis, underground electronic music festival and party series

Sensitive body music 

Adrian balances his life by expressing himself primarily through music in his free time, rather than visual mediums. While he played the piano for 8 years during his childhood, it was not until 2020 that his passion for producing music intensified. During the pandemic lockdown, he took advantage of the time and learned the art of DJing and mixing from a friend who is a DJ.  

Adrian wearing Tropic of Cancer’s tour T-shirt, Cry Later, which inspired his alias

Having lived in Berlin for 8 years, Adrian knows his way around the electronic music scene. But he doesn’t limit his inspiration to this music genre alone – various musical styles such as jazz and tribal African music influence his tunes. This eclecticism lends his music rhythm and subtleties that one cannot find in conventional techno. He describes his alias titled Cry Later as the discreet mix of the punchy dynamics of Raw Techno and rhythmical EBM. 

‘Hard and metallic, pleasantly violent, this is sensitive body music for romantic outlaws.’

It is warm techno that celebrates differences and welcomes everyone to give themselves over to music. One that is uplifting and invites you to live for and enjoy the moment. And to cry only later, if you have to.    

Third part of the collaboration with DJ Studio and Katttarzis from Budapest featuring Cry Later

Live performances

Performing live is crucial for Adrian as it is for any DJ. Despite only starting a couple of years ago, he has already performed in the majority of the clubs in Budapest and has started gaining recognition abroad as well. Adrian considers his first live performance to be one of his most memorable gigs. This took place in 2020 in Budapest alongside his DJ friend, CRB who taught him the particulars of the craft. The other event that holds a special place in his memory is his performance in Berlin in 2022 with an audience of 1000. 

Times New Romance

Adrian is also actively involved in organizing parties through the Times New Romance collective he formed with 3 of his friends in Budapest. It is a diverse team supporting LGBTQ values, aiming to build a safe environment on the dance floor. Through their events, they want to provide their audience with physical, mental and emotionally uplifting experiences and encourage them to explore their own identity. 

‘When we are together in this joyful and artistic way, we create the change we wish to see in the world.’

Image from TNR Instagram account

Their parties are by invitation only to keep them more intimate and allow people to get to know each other. A further distinct characteristic is that they take place during the day, usually starting from noon. 

The collective has an Instagram account where they share visuals propagating their values and shows. Adrian creates these illustrations that emit a sense of warmth, belonging and inclusivity.

A scientific process represented in an artistic method

Waves Of Distortion

Besides music, Adrian creates installations as well. He has a strong interest in light and aims to produce a large visible spectrum to provide a sensory light experience for the audience. He conducted several experiments to create an artificial rainbow, a phenomenon with which he is fascinated. A vessel, mirrors, water and artificial light are the fundamental parameters for generating this spectacle. He had distilled all his findings in a proposal that he submitted to a design competition announced by a museum in Berlin. Adrian was awarded 3rd place for his idea which he will build in 2024. 

Plans for the future

Adrian is also working on an iteration of the Waves of Distortion –  a version of it that is interactive and linked to music. This features a 5-meter structure connected to a keyboard, providing the audience the opportunity to determine the movement of the rainbow by pressing the instrument’s keys. 

Curious what Adrian a.k.a Cry Later is up to? Follow him here. 


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