The relatable stories of Deepak Jain

We keep on introducing the artists who strengthen the Brick team through Art of Brick. Senior 3D artist Deepak Jain amazed us last year with the many individual projects he shared with us, which also earned him accolades from industry competitions and design challenges. With this article, we present Deepak’s works and lift the curtains on the stories behind them. 

With a career spanning 15 years, Deepak has gained extensive experience with 3D graphics. He started off as a highly detailed 3D automobile designer and later transitioned into the field of archviz. In 2021 he had joined Brick as a Senior 3D artist and within a couple of months, he got promoted to Project Manager owing to his professional work and dedication. Like for many Brickers, his passion for archviz is not limited to office hours – he devotes his free time to telling stories through conceptual images. His main focus with these unique projects is to express a story within a single image, one that viewers can relate to.



Finding the story  

The images Deepak comes across on online platforms, mind-blowing works posted in 3D art communities, and social media channels provide him with inspiration. But the most important fuel for his imagination comes from his life experiences and memories. For him, a highly invigorating part of the creation process is to brainstorm about possible scenes he would like to depict. Whenever he settles on a theme, he envisions 4-5 scenes or aspects that he reduces or combines into a single image, which is both the thrill and challenge of creation. Citing Deepak: 

‘It doesn’t matter if I create the image for the sake of creating or for a design competition – there is always a story behind it which is relatable but not too generic. I believe one should never neglect conceptual thinking when it comes to crafting images. That approach, paired with great artistic skills is necessary for any 3D artist.’ 


Incredible India


While translating his experiences into 3D art, scenes of calm and joy equally find their way onto his screen as well as topics expressing a slight sense of foreboding or anxiety. Even though the spectrum of his themes is broad, the style unifies them – the subtle color palette and lowly saturated hues help the viewer to stay focused on the story within the pixels. No extreme pop of colors sidetracks us from understanding the happening, our attention is spread out on the entire image.   


Alice in Love with the Mad Hatter

Family matters

A lot of the works Deepak creates are submitted to design competitions and challenges aimed to promote and recognize 3D art. The competition hosted by RebusFarm in 2021 titled Memories Challenge called for images that make their creators happy and complete, or capture moments they are grateful for. Deepak reflected on the feeling when he and his partner were soon-to-be parents, admiring the ultrasound of their baby in the comfort of their home. 


Memories that Matter


The still not only immortalizes the time they were desperate to touch and feel their child but can be viewed as a tribute to parenthood and in a broader sense, life. Citing some comments of the jury, Deepak managed to ‘capture a personal memory in a very nice cinematic, almost painterly render’ (Paul Roberts) with a story shining through ‘that many people can relate to, which gives added value to the image’ (Adam Klich).
positive feedback he had gained on the ‘Memories that Matter’ earned him 1st place in the competition.


I Find Life in my Work and Work in my Life


In his work titled  “I Find Life in my Work and Work in my Life”, the notion of the family comes to the fore again but this time, it is matched with a societal issue. To match the design challenge theme called Work-Life Balance, Deepak portrayed the hardship of a single mother who makes sacrifices to sustain her child. As the project description reads:

‘I raise my child through my earnings. I manage both my work and my family. I do not want to give my child the same life as I lead, hence, I want to work and earn well. I try to balance my work with him and his smile motivates me to do that. I find life in my work and work in my life. Yes, I am Prostitute.’

Deepak spared no time on developing the details – the complexity of the surroundings express the mood most associated with the run-down neighborhoods sex workers can be found. This, however, is done without distracting from the main focus: the child and mother and the universal truth of parental devotion. For his concept and design, Deepak was awarded 1st Place at the Evermotion Challenge 2021


Hard Time

Timely issues

The image titled ‘Hard Time’ was submitted for the Foxrenderfarm Explorer Challenge, which prompted 3D artists to find the discoverer within themselves and visualize humanity seeking solutions to topical problems or exploring unknown lands to list a few. Deepak reflected on the desperate state the world had fallen in 2020 – a scene familiar from the pandemic. The image portrays the helplessness people face, sorrow and a little hope that mankind will fight this too. The jury again spoke highly of his concept, highlighting the photo-realistic aspect, eerie mood, and the image’s ability to trigger empathy in the viewer. Deepak was awarded 1st place in the above competition, and he subsequently submitted the illustration to the 3D Awards as well, where he was listed among the 10 preliminary nominees. 




Deepak explains that the work titled ‘Adversity’ was inspired by the pandemic situation too. The story centers on a mother who has contracted the virus and is forced to isolate herself from her family. In this confinement, devoid of human contact or anything productive to do, she has reached a level of insanity, leading her to engage in bizarre activities. The image was created in response to the Evermotion Challenge titled “My own 2020”, a competition where Deepak received an honorable mention. 



What’s to come

The future projects of Deepak include developing a new conceptual storyline linked to the pandemic. With his new work, he plans to pay tribute to the people who have died of COVID19. Regarding his career at Brick, he will continue raising the bar professionally and aim to uphold the artistic standard of his work.  


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