The pictorial narratives of Riccardo Rovoletto

The first artist whose work comes to the forefront within the Art of Brick featured artist of the month series is Riccardo Rovoletto, Senior 3D artist. Keeping to the mission of exploring and showcasing art works that see the light of day beside the commissioned archviz projects of Brick artists, we unveil how he got started, what the untold stories are behind his works and how these tie into his daily life.

Early experiments

Riccardo has been involved with architecture for quite some time, as he graduated from the IUAV architecture university of Venice and started his career working as an architect in Italy. Only afterwards did he decide to follow his true passion, architectural visualization, through a full-time position. In parallel, he started challenging himself in his spare time to further develop his artistic skills and fully express himself.       

The works titled A Quiet Place I. and II. (above) are among the first images that he created as he had reserved time for himself. He let his imagination roam free and came up with a scene that depicted a foggy environment, one he had not had the chance to explore in depth until that point. He started experimenting with tonalities, angles and lights that matched the mood he was after. Owing to the layer of haze, the illustrations developed into tranquil views, featuring further symbols that communicate calmness – plants, the figure of the monk and the radiant, circular shapes.   


Expanding views

Ever since, he has been depicting impressions of daily life and notions that trigger his imagination. One such experience points to a creative challenge organized internally by the office. Brick had conducted a series of video interviews with professionals from around the world, in which esteemed architects talk about the future of architecture and the industry. The chief architect of Zaha Hadid Architects was one of those who had contributed to this discussion, pondering about the material of the future that could extend for miles – even infinitely. This proposition prompted Brick to hold an office competition, inviting employees to reflect on this statement through individually created works. Riccardo participated in this challenge and came up with the image titled Cities Above (see above), which depicts vertical columns reaching into the sky. The billboard hints at the function of these columns built from the limitless material – they would support a new life, high up in the sky. One might wonder who would have the opportunity and means to relocate to such heights and where those would be left who can’t make the step forward and upward. 

Personal experiences

While Riccardo identifies photography as a reference tool for his work, the main sources of inspiration are those memories which he collects while walking down the street or going on excursions. He frequently portrays minimalistic architecture within a natural setting to create contrast in a playful way. The images called Kisoroszi Vibes I. and II. (above), inspired by an office trip, show a real-life environment with a fictional construction. As Riccardo himself puts: 

For me, Kisoroszi island had an interesting vibe where everything seemed green – vegetation, water, and even the air had a tint of green. I took my reference photo and added a stroke in red, the complementary color of green, to break this ambience. 


When it comes to collecting references for works, arranging elements in an artful way and mastering matte painting, Riccardo has vast experience which he shares with those interested in archviz. As a mentor of Brick Academy, he is actively involved in teaching, providing guidance and producing informative webinars. Click this link to hear his perspective on creating visually appealing drafts, and follow us on social media never to miss a tutorial led by him.  


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