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Bigger, better, brighter – the new Brick office is officially occupied

By July 1, 2016 No Comments
As the brick team is constantly growing, we had to find a solution for space. Fortunately, the office on the other side of the corridor in our favourite building (former Goldberger textile factory) was empty. So after months of drilling and refurbishing, today we have finally moved to this brighter, more spacious office, and made the old one relax area for now.  Yet another big step for us, a very joyful one indeed.


The recent conditions in one image:


And some pictures from the big moving day:


The ‘brick stig’


Installing the nerd room


It looks almost exactly like the old office


Back to the nerd room


The brick guys are super-handy also when it comes to physical work


The boss is being a boss


No more 12 hours sitting


… and probably the coolest part of the office – the administration-communication-graphic design trio paradise!