The aesthetic motion graphics of Lilla Hajnal

Within our newest Art of Brick article, we showcase the work of a talent who captivates our visual senses with her mesmerizing motion graphics. We are pleased to present the art of Senior Designer, Lilla Hajnal. Lilla embarked on an engaging career journey within our studio, marked by a notable twist driven by her evolving interests. Read on to get to know her and see a selection of aesthetically pleasing works in which composition and color harmony reign supreme!

Lilla Hajnal

Lilla completed her studies in landscape architecture and has won several awards as a landscape architect during her academic journey. However, driven by her profound fascination with everything visual and graphic, she launched her career at Brick in 2016 as a Graphic Designer. Over the years, she evolved from a 2D specialist to a skilled practitioner of faux 3D, recognizing the more significant creative potential offered by 3D tools. Leveraging her refined aesthetic sensibilities, she contributes to commissioned projects for Brick’s clients and crafts imaginative campaigns for our studio’s online communication. She is inspired by the joy of creation and the opportunity to constantly evolve herself, infusing her passion into everything she works on.  


Lilla designed our Orientation Cards


Award-winning cards 

When Lilla joined Brick, the studio was relatively new and smaller, with fewer than 40 employees. It lacked a solid branding and visual identity, leaving ample room for developing various assets for internal communication as well. For her first significant passion project as a Graphic Designer, she collaborated on creating Brick’s Orientation Cards. This is a deck of visually captivating cards designed to help our new colleagues familiarize themselves with the studio’s way of working.

Each card introduces a unique aspect of Brick with a memorable graphic icon, a brief description, and a task that encourages newcomers to explore the office. These cards, all bearing Lilla’s playful imprint, have not only garnered praise from new team members, who can now gather essential information at their own pace in an engaging way. They also received recognition from the jury of the ArtHungry Award during Hungarian Design Week in 2017.


Former Bricker, Gergő Fejes, co-authored and documented the publication


Niche publication 

Another notable project in which Lilla played a pivotal role was the design of the publication titled Pixel Graphics for Architects. She collaborated with a team of professionals to create this book which filled a gap in the Hungarian market. Lilla took charge of developing the concept, structuring the content, and arranging visuals across the 300 pages of the publication. This volume includes both theoretical and practical guidance on pixel graphics, accompanied by eye-catching visualizations thoughtfully curated to inspire readers.


One of the earlier motion graphics of Lilla


Moving into 3D

To take on new challenges, Lilla made a transition into the world of moving imagery. She underwent in-house training and dedicated her free time to experimenting with new techniques. In her current role as  Senior Designer, she is responsible for compositing and motion graphics. Additionally, she occasionally shares her expertise by holding lectures at Brick Academy, focusing on the incorporation of motion design into visualizations to enhance the audience’s comprehension of the respective projects.


An abstract take on Holiday Greetings


Concepts for Brick and Pulze 

Recognizing her aptitude for visual creativity, at Brick Lilla is empowered to conceive ideas from inception and see them through to fruition independently. Last year she created Brick’s Holiday Animation which was prominently featured across the studio’s social media channels. The storyline centered around the studio’s icon, the little blue cube. Symbolizing the remarkable journey of the company over the past decade, this charming character eventually returns home, extending a warm invitation to viewers to partake in the holiday spirit.


The animation highlights Pulze products’ simplicity and benefits

In 2023, Pulze, a subsidiary of Brick dedicated to simplifying the lives of 3D artists through software solutions, underwent a brand refresh. Lilla was entrusted with the task of creating a branding video, from concept to final delivery, that conveys the Pulze lifestyle and evokes the seamless experience associated with using their products.

In this animation, viewers are taken on a journey following the pulsating movement of the software firm’s branding element – a ball. This object serves as a guide, leading viewers through the fundamental stages of still image and filmmaking. However, the ball is more than just a companion; its playful and elastic nature perfectly mirrors the characteristics of Pulze’s products.


The challenge was to evoke calm, smoothness, and relaxation


From trauma to tranquility  

The render challenge, titled “Beyond the Surface – Exploring Depth and Meaning in Digital Art,” served as the catalyst for Lilla to confront a challenging experience from her teenage years. Suffering from a spinal condition, she had to wear a medical corset for a decade during an age when vulnerability and the desire for acceptance are most pronounced. By choosing this deeply personal memory as the subject of her competition entry, she brought to light a condition she had long kept concealed, transforming the negative associations into a serene visual narrative. The burden of bearing the rigid corset was lifted, paving the way for a sense of liberation and the realization that embracing anxiety and stress empowers her to conquer fear.


Showreel 2023


Visual diary 

Lilla consistently pushes her boundaries and strives for professional growth. She views her Instagram account as a visual diary of her journey—a platform that meticulously records her progression. Her goal is to produce more clips and product videos while also planning to engage more in art direction and concept development in the future. Stay updated on Lilla’s work by visiting her website.

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