Pulze continues its operations as a standalone business

Brick is dedicated to providing our employees with more than just a job. Our studio creates opportunities for their professional growth and supports their career journeys. When our team members come up with fantastic ideas, we stand by them to contribute to their success story. Edgite, a graphic design studio, is a prime example, founded by former Brick artist, Miklós Kemecsei, with Brick proudly sharing ownership.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Pulze, another venture that originated within Brick’s research and development team, has now become a standalone business. Brick is honored to co-own Pulze with its founders – Mihály Paseczki, Péter Sárhidai and Zsolt Simon –, emphasizing our commitment to nurturing innovative ventures within our community.

Read on to get to know Pulze’s success story and the exciting prospects that lie ahead of them! 

Humble beginnings


The early years

Mihály, originally a VFX artist, along with Péter and Zsolt, both initially 3D artists, all began their journeys in Brick Visual’s production team. By 2014, they had created stills and animations for many projects. The studio had started growing rapidly, expanding to a team of 25 artists. It became apparent that the traditional workflow Brick followed during that time would not hold up to serve the evolving needs of the industry. As the necessity for efficiency grew, the trio proactively started experimenting and coding, writing scripts to automate repetitive tasks. 

With input they received from their colleagues and constantly perfecting their innovation, the three tech-savvy artists created a product called Scene Manager. It is a 3Ds Max plugin designed to set up multiple scenes in a single file while eliminating the most common issues occurring while rendering. Since its creation in 2016, Brick artists have been actively using Scene Manager, claiming it’s an indispensable tool for visualization.


Scene Manager, the software that our artists use to enhance and simplify daily workflows


Pulze, powered by Brick Visual  

The conception of Render Manager followed closely, and simultaneously, the trio spared no time or effort in introducing their products to the broader industry. Actively participating in conferences, they promoted the software and gathered valuable feedback. A significant milestone was achieved in 2018 when Scene and Render Manager became available in the market under the brand Pulze.

Operating as Brick’s subsidiary and collaborating under the same roof as our 3D artists, the Pulze team was part of an inspiring and supportive creative community. András Káldos, our CEO, provided the team with the space and resources to develop the software family, offering advice and know-how on successfully running a business.


Total Chaos Conference 2019


Hallmarked by Brick’s name, Pulze, received invitations to prestigious conferences such as D2, Total Chaos, and EUE. It has become one of the most widely used software in the profession globally. Freelancers, architectural visualization studios, and architecture firms with archviz departments have placed their trust in the brand. 

The client roster includes studios Bloomimages, Recent Spaces, and Play-Time, among others. Schools and institutions dedicated to teaching archviz and architecture, like School-ing, Brick Academy, and Horoma, have incorporated Pulze products into their curriculum. A notable partnership was formed with Helio, a carbon-aware cloud computing company, to provide users with sustainable and efficient rendering solutions. 

The redesign was the precursor of the changes to come for Pulze


A year full of potential 

In 2023, Pulze underwent a redesign, now boasting a visually cohesive look that mirrors its brand. They introduced Project Dream, an AI-assisted tool that enhances creative processes by aiding artists in finding the perfect mood, composition, and color palette for any project. However, the most significant change, the highlight of the year, is its transition into a separate legal entity, establishing itself as an independent business. 

Péter Sárhidai, CEO of Pulze, reflects on the journey, expressing gratitude to Brick and András Káldos for believing in the team and providing the necessary support to launch Pulze. Citing him: 

“It takes an exceptional leader, like András, to help bring a business to fruition and then let it go for further growth. A huge thank you also goes to our colleagues for their professional and emotional support over the past 10 years.” 

The Pulze trio with Brick’s András Káldos


Future outlook

Among their plans, the Pulze team set out to open up new possibilities and explore industries beyond archviz. Examples include the fields of architecture and engineering, as well as the media and entertainment sectors. They envision establishing further partnerships with key players and integrating with other software.

András Káldos is optimistic about the future of Pulze, sharing that the new solutions they are developing may even outperform the existing product range. 

“The Pulze trio’s impact on both Brick, as artists, and their initiative as entrepreneurs, has been significant. They overcame numerous obstacles and weathered turbulent times to reach this point. I am confident they will expertly manage Pulze as a standalone business.”

We consistently consider Pulze a vital strategic partner, and we are always open to supporting new ideas. It is with this mindset that we pose the question: 

Who will be the next success story to originate from Brick Visual, following in the footsteps of Pulze? 

We are eager to find out!

To learn more about Pulze visit them at pulze.io.

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