Musings and observations, a collection of visuals

We made a big refresh of our Art of Brick page and added a lot of new visuals from our fantastic artists.
According to the dictionary: musing (plural musings) as in thought, meditation, contemplation or daydreaming, these creators have immersed themselves in the world surrounding us, offering us their personal interpretations of some of their observations.

Presenting a collection of these works created by Brick artists in their free time, with the inspiration and ideas behind them, in their own words.


Deepak Jain

Needing no further introduction, one of Brick’s absolute success stories is easily presented through Deepak Jain, one of our mighty talented Creative Directors in Budapest.
Deepak has been part of the Brick landscape since his arrival as a senior artist in 2021. Master of storytelling through his images, creating a wide range of scenes that grab the viever’s attention and imagination.

Make sure you get to know this artist’s story and check some of his earlier work in our previous Art of Brick introduction.

A Mother’s Journey to Secure Tomorrow

‘In pursuit of a brighter future, a mother leaves their village home for a city job, understanding the need for dual incomes. As she boards the bus with a heavy heart, her son watches, puzzled. Unaware of the months ahead without his mother, he remains innocent of the sacrifices made for their family’s tomorrow.’


Finding Peace Amidst Life’s Hustle

‘In moments of solitude, feeling alone and overwhelmed, the desire to step away from the hustle and bustle becomes a peaceful refuge.’



Or as his passport states: Nicolò Garonzi, originally an architect, and as a recurring story amongst many of the talents in our studio, Nico made the remarkable journey from one of the first students at Brick Academy, to becoming a Lead Artist with skills to be reckoned with. Unrelentingly producing high-end visuals outside of his workplace as well, often focusing on the creation of atmospheric settings, exploring lights, shadows and geometry from ever interesting viewpoints.

Do make yourself familiar with Nico’s story and previous Art of Brick projects.


Repressed Memories

‘The visualisation presents the idea of an installation as imagined by contemporary artist Leonardo Anker Vandal. The purpose was to present the massive installation to potential galleries able to handle bigger scale projects.

Titled “Repressed Memories”, the project is close to Anker Vandal’s heart, in his exploration about the repressions of the human psyche. The visualised piece is a 16m. high tower, consisting of more than 30.000 decoy birdcages. If ever realised, truly an impressive and thought provoking installation.’


Morteza Ramezani

Morti, a native of rural Jajarm, Iran, turned his sights towards Brick around 2 years ago, and soon after proved that he’s certainly got the skills and imagination it takes, to take a seat at one of our workstations! Originally an architectural engineer, he soon came to his senses and started realizing the full potential of his artistic talent. Besides the fine work produced for clients, he also finds the time to visualize some fascinating ideas and dreamscapes of his own.


‘I wanted to show a futuristic kind of life in my artwork, where people live in a colony perched  on the edge of a cliff, representing how unstable life can be.’



‘In this render, I found it intriguing to juxtapose two contrasting environments side by side. Harmonizing warm and cold materials or utilizing the symbolic meaning of yin and yang could be interesting aspects to explore.’




‘In this render, I portrayed the destruction of nature due to excessive exploitation and the lack of regard for it, caused by human actions.
I also depicted a reference to aiding nature, which is currently undergoing destruction and dissolution.’


Adel Khakimullin

Originally from Kazan, Russia, Adel sometimes seems to live his creative life on a 24/7 basis, regarding the amount of work he creates. Be it stills, combining sound and images into unique audiovisual experiences, or exploring the world of Unreal Engine, he certainly puts the time in, and has the results to show!

In this presentation he shares 2 animations from his arsenal of personal projects, trying new ground and getting familiar with different techniques.


Nocturnal Cityscape

‘The main goal of this project was to make a fairly quick test with Chaos Vantage, involving some light conditions that would usually prove demanding for the engine.
Implementing the real time visualization solution and Max’s sequencer for a smoother workflow, and also the relation of video and music – playing with the intensity of light shapes controlled by sound via an audio reactor controller.’


City Perception

‘In this experimental project, i wanted to try a simple and fast way to create an interesting visual effect and to test the features of familiar software, in order to present something different from another industry, related to media entertainment.’


Marco Bossi

Marco joined our studio over 2 years ago, after completing a comprehensive 3D generalist course at Brick Academy. From beautiful northern Italy, he is now holding the prestigious role of Art Director at our Cluj studio. Like so many of Brick’s artists, he also serves with a well documented past in architecture, before re-saddling to become a full time visual artist many years ago, and having since risen steadily to new heights in his craft.


‘This image prompts a reflection on how we envision these iconic structures. The lighthouse, often perceived from the coast, serves a dual purpose, challenging us to reconsider our viewpoint. Consider for a moment: How do you picture a lighthouse? This seemingly simple question unveils the complexity of our connection to the sea and land. While we typically imagine a lighthouse from the coast, its primary function is to be viewed from the sea. So, are you a sea person or a land person? The way you visualize a lighthouse, whether facing the sea or the coast, might reveal more about your affinity for one over the other. It’s a subtle exploration of our relationship with these timeless beacons.’



‘Over the years, my extensive travels across Italy, Romania, and the connecting countries have unveiled landscapes profoundly shaped by human influence. Each hill narrates a tale of human intervention, where the “natural” touch of crops and the “artificial” presence of pylons and machines, intricately transform the terrain. This contaminated landscape, observed consistently between Italy and Romania, serves as my muse for understanding the profound impact of human interaction on the environment.’

If you’d like to see our gallery of works from previously featured artists, take a look at the Art of Brick collection here.

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