Meet our new team members!

By November 13, 2015 No Comments
We are continuously growing! This time, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Malgorzata, Przemyslaw and Dávid, who have travelled long distances to join us.


Malgorzata Chudy –  3D Artist
Malgorzata earned her Msc in architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. During her master studies, she was working as an interior designer, which helped her realize that 3d graphics is the most important tool for her in architecture, through which one can make their imagination come true. In her free time, she designs and sews clothes, plays table soccer, and reads books. She strongly believes, that „design” can be a lifestyle.
Dávid Józsa –  3D Artist
Dávid was born in Hungary, and grew up in Brazil. He graduated as a journalist and worked as a reporter in Sao Paulo before turning his focus on CGI. He quickly got acquainted with the softwares and the methods and worked as a visualizer for architecture studios and marketing agencies as well as for private clients. His basic source of life are books, he reads everything that gets is his way.
Przemysław Żyra – 3D Artist
Przemysław graduated at the Krakow University of Technology at the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Design. During his studies, he has discovered the power of 3D graphics in the architecture industry and became passionate about it. Since then, he has developed his CG skills to a professional level. Apart from 3D graphics, he creates 2D graphics too, focusing mainly on lettering design for logotype and branding purposes.He is a sneakerhead, collecting mainly running shoes from the 80’s and the 90’s.