Pulze Commercial

2024 marked a new dawn for the flourishing Brick offshoot Pulze, as a now separate entity. Relentlessly evolving and developing further, the now industry household brand also presents a new, updated appearance.

To showcase this pleasant, brand-new facade, Brick motion graphics artist Lilla Hajnal’s contribution was called for. Lilla, having previously produced material for Pulze, wanted to relay the light, fresh and generally playful concept of the brand, purposefully avoiding the dry, technically jammed appearance, one might refer to when dealing with render management.



“The cheerful clip aims less to appear instructive, but rather to communicate the message of a 3D artist’s life made quite a bit easier by the Pulze software.”

– Lilla Hajnal, motion graphics artist



The tools created by the company serve the professional archviz community with powerful, user-friendly pipeline tools designed to reduce the hassle and complications of a production workflow. Managing the scenes in an intuitive and productive manner, handling the network rendering in a clear and logical way, assisting in the post-production and the newly developed AI-assisted image creator, boosting the artist’s creative inspiration.



“The airy, intuitive feel of the refreshed brand ID served as a springboard for the animation.”

– Lilla Hajnal, motion graphics artist



The animation was produced in Cinema 4d with Redshift, presenting no significant technical issues, and was followed by some minor compositing work in DaVinci Resolve.
Conceptually, the multitude of colorful objects represent the countless tasks that a 3D artist needs to keep in mind and pay close attention to, while working on projects involving multiple scenes, cameras, light setups and animations. These different scenes are themselves represented in the different shades of rooms they move through in the animation. An abstract depiction of the order achieved with the help of the Scene Manager, with the colorful tasks eventually ending up collected in an orderly fashion in the Render Manager, creating structure and order from the chaos that otherwise may ensue.



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  • Category

    Product Advertisement

  • Executive Producer

    Andrea Pedrotti

  • Artist

    Lilla Hajnal

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