Google Meet Backgrounds

Our collaboration with Google Workspace resulted in a collection of realistic virtual backgrounds available for Google Meet. The visuals created by our teams offer users crisp, clean home office and workplace environments.

The artists were given full creative freedom to propose particular scenes that met our client’s mood requests. We created settings that have a homey, trendy, minimalistic or higher-end feel, taking place at home or at work.

Through our close collaboration, Google Meet users can now better personalize their meeting experience with a range of elegant backdrops that resonate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Backgrounds matching everyone

Google Meet has an arsenal of eye-catching simulated environments that may give your meetings new energy. To expand this collection, we worked with them to create realistic images that have a neutral look, suggesting that the interiors could be anywhere in the world. This includes more variations for the workplace and the professional home milieu with which people from multiple cultural backgrounds can identify.


The trendy office with an industrial touch


The peaceful home environment
Virtual backgrounds matter

No matter if we are working from home or the office, virtual meetings still form an integral part of our agenda. To get the most out of online calls, we follow the best practices that have been developed over the years. Perhaps one of the most cited pieces of advice relates to the way you present your surroundings to others.


Clean office space in the city


We all know our environment should be clear of clutter and avoid any elements that may distract attention from the valuable information we want to share. But achieving this and maintaining an air of professionalism at home might sometimes be difficult. We also have limited influence over the setup at the office or public spaces such as cafes. This is where virtual backgrounds come to aid us, rendering our environment more presentable.


A close-to-nature look to emit harmony
Background studies and references

At Brick, we rely on reference photos in the initial design phase to ensure that our visuals are as realistic and artful as possible. This is a general approach to all creative work we embark upon, when the demand on total photo realism is required. For the Google Meet project, we collected a great number of interior images that would convey a sense of minimalism, trendiness, and high-class style and suit the needs of those working from either home or the office.


Office spaces – Trendy
Home office – Minimalistic

Further, animated refinements

Based upon the success and appreciation of these virtual environments, we were inspired to contine creating the collection of atmospheric scenes,  even further enhancing the online communication experience.

This time the backgrounds include some discreetly animated elements, once again carefully composed and executed, in order to not distract the conversation, but simply to enhance the convinction of it’s authenticity.


Grecian Terrace


Beach Camper


Lakeside Tent


Winter Chalet


Rainy Patio




Snowy living


Black History month


Garden at night


Complete environments for the user on the move

Beyond the static, square frame of the monitor, the occasion might arise when the preference is to conduct your meeting on your phone or on a tablet, the addition of complete 360° scenes enables the user to simulate the space of an entire artificial room as a background.


Rainy Conservatory




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