Chaos Vantage 2 trailer

Being early adopters and enthusiastic users of Vantage, we had the exciting opportunity to partner with Chaos Group, a prominent player in the computer graphics and visualization industry, for this project.

Our collaboration aimed to promote the latest version of their real-time ray tracing software, enticing professionals in design, animation, and visual effects within Chaos’s user base to harness the software’s cutting-edge features. The trailer’s storyline revolves around a CGI artist navigating his daily routine, which involves handling client feedback and delivering commissioned projects on time. The scenes come together to craft an electrifying sequence of events, with a virtual new world coming alive.



Breaking down the process

In addition to the official Vantage 2 trailer, along with the positive feedback we received from the creative community, a making-of video was promptly produced as a perfect accompaniment, diving deeper into the different technical aspects of the project.

Within the breakdown, four skilled Brick artists, playing pivotal roles in shaping the trailer, share their artistic and technical insights, granting an exclusive glimpse into the conceptual foundation of the animation.




Perfecting the virtual environment

The use of Vantage in the real-time exploration of a virtual setup opens up a completely new workflow. Enabling the director to pre-plan every scene in all the elements of lens, movement, lights etc. at the planning stage, is an extremely liberating tool, quickly revealing fresh new ideas and approaches that can affect the whole production radically.



A completely autonomous in-house venture

Our team handled all aspects of the production, including previz, storyboarding, simulation, art direction, greenscreen shooting, and compositing. During the pre-production and storyboarding phase, our primary objective was to craft a narrative that not only aligns with the core idea behind the product but also effectively connects with the target audience.




“Vantage has been a real game-changer.
Instead of planning with fixed frames from the beginning, we could explore scenes and VFX in real-time, discovering new angles, new ideas. As a filmmaker, this new approach is priceless!”

– Andrea Pedrotti, producer




The making of the Vantage 2 trailer

Peak behind the curtain in this special feature, offering a better understanding of the creators approach.
Shot breakdowns of key scenes, along with intriguing details from the greenscreen and compositing processes.





“We wanted to portray the essence of our work, which is all about being creative and passionate.”

– Andrea Pedrotti, producer




  • Client

    Chaos Group

  • Year


  • Category

    Product Advertisement

  • Executive Producer

    Andrea Pedrotti

  • Artists

    Zsombor Lukács
    Anton Grebenkin
    Bogdan Prylucki
    Adrian Zierath
    Hadi Mohammadi

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