Realizing the vision

Exploring the realm of digital possibilities, the urge to include the captivating world of cars led us to delve deeper into the subject.

Since every car has its own, unique soul and essence, the challenge was to identify these aspects and enhance their meaning and appearance in an audiovisual form. This is achieved by playing with an abundance of ideas for styles, moods and locations, often finding how the contrast between the car and this imagined reality can dramatically affect the way we perceive these beautifully designed objects, or characters, if you will!



The approach

Once we’ve acquainted ourselves with the subject in case, being it the brand, the design, the presence and emotion it exudes, the work begins with the approach of choice. An aggressive set-up, extreme lighting, elements and effect, basically a world of possibilities when it comes to the variation of virtual scenarios. Not even the sky is a limit, since here, the creation of any out-of-this-world scene can be realized.



The concept

With a world of environments at your fingertips, we can design a concept to portray any aspect of the automotive videos that thrill us. From the dynamic car races, outlandish supercars in contrasting surroundings, to displaying technical functions and alternative configurations. Harnessing the power of virtual photography, geography, along with the control over weather and elements, truly any out-of-the-box approach is presentable in thrilling sound and motion.



  • Year


  • Client

    Brick Visual

  • Category


  • Executive Producer

    Andrea Pedrotti

  • Director

    Andrea Pedrotti

  • Artists

    Nicolò Garonzi
    Zsombor Lukács
    Ivan Gutierrez

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