10 Years Short Film

In 2022, we achieved a significant milestone in our studio’s history, completing a successful decade in business. To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we undertook a brand refresh and created a teaser that encapsulates our journey by using symbolism.

Viewers are guided through the various office spaces that Brick has occupied, starting from the small, cigarette-smoke-tinged apartment to our current high-tech loft office building. The animation is rich with scenes featuring key objects and office elements that hold special significance for our team, some of which probably resonate with many 3D artists on a broader scale.

The animation culminates with a striking display of a radiant X, its illumination soaring over the district where we are based. This scene adds another layer of realism, as the area has been meticulously recreated in 3D, using Google Maps as a reference.



Elevating ideas over a decade

Director Péter Horváth went to great lengths to incorporate all those little details that have shaped our surroundings on our journey to this point. From the gadgets to the furniture, and that beloved air-hockey table from days past. Our discrete presence in the surrounding, unassuming residential area, has now become a beacon in the industry, engaging friends and colleagues from around the world.




“I am particularly proud of the team that has formed at Brick. After all, the greatest value of Brick lies in its skilled artists. I believe that with their continuous commitment, our best years are ahead of us.”

– András Káldos, Brick CEO



  • Client

    Brick Visual

  • Year


  • Category

    Promotional Campaign

  • Executive Producer

    András Káldos

  • Director

    Péter Horváth

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