REimagine Competition for Madi Students

Hey MADI Student!

Welcome to the Brick Visual site! You may have already heard from us and the fact that you can win a seat for the fall semester at our Brick Academy (with a value of 2550 Euros).

Brick Academy is a series of courses, and its education system is based on years of fine-tuning methodologies and finding the most motivated teachers and mentors, who are exceptional artists themselves.

Mentoring ensures focused attention on each student, offering hands-on knowledge and personalized education methods.

If you would like to know all the details of our school that is meant to boost your career as a 3D artist and teach you all the skills that are necessary for a creating high-end architectural visualization still images, go to the Academy site and download our course info.
If you’d like to participate in our competition, read the guidelines below.

REimagine Competition

First of all, every MADI student, who enters our REimagine competition is eligible for the 10% discount of the price of the Brick Academy course. You can even win your seat.

Mission: Create a visualization with your best knowledge. You get the freedom to set any kind of perspective with your preferred mood and story. The entries mainly will be judged from the following aspects: composition – lighting – story


  • We provide a clay 3Ds Max model without materials.  You can find them here.
  • The raw render can only be produced with V-ray or Corona engines, while the post-production can only be made with Adobe Photoshop.
  • The image should be delivered around HD resolution but feel free to use any aspect ratio.
  • The use of plugins are allowed, like Forest Pack, Rail Clone, etc.


  • Participation is restricted to students of the Master Madi, VIII edition.
  • The images  should be your personal creation and not the outcome of teamwork.

Materials to be delivered

  1. A raw render (as it comes from 3ds Max)
  2. Post-produced image (photoshopped version)
  3. Your portfolio or the 5 best images what you have made by your own so far
  4. Motivation letter about why you want to participate at Brick Academy

Award: a one-month scholarship in the following fall semester of Brick Academy.

Deadline: 6/28/2019.

Judges: Brick Visual Academy Team : István Lovák, Márton Zoltán Tóth, András Káldos, and teachers of MADI

More info and submit your entry:

Good luck and see you!

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