Life After 6 PM

What we do to keep ourselves fresh and motivated? We often emphasize how creativity, art and creation is essential for us and how we are constantly looking for inspiration and personal artistic growth. This attitude not only applies to our day to day work, but for our personal lives as well.


A couple of years ago we started to share our creations, hobbies and sport successes with each other within the company. Most of them are so exceptional that we truly think it would be a shame not to share them with our wonderful audience. Creating without any limitations can feel like being on a retreat and it gives us tons of experience that we can use in our daily works. Architectural visualization is a form of applied art and as such it has to comply with certain rules, which is a great artistic challenge. To keep ourselves fresh, some of us paint and use traditional artforms, while others create music, are exceptional chefs or draw fantastic digital worlds. Parts of our team are exceptional athletes and like to expand the boundaries of their physical performance. From now on, we’d like to share this details with you as we think they are truly remarkable. We will refresh this post and our social media sites with amazing creations every now and then.

Pazsi – the Painter

In the series of introductions, please meet Peter “Pazsi” Pazsiczky, our production manager. It’s not necessary to have art education to be involved in the architectural visualization industry, although to have a “good eye” and great visual sense are essential. Most of us have architectural backgrounds and Pazsi is one of the black sheep. He has a diploma from the Fine Art University of Budapest, as a painter. After hiatus of a few years, he started to paint again a year ago, with oil. He shares his hyper realistic stills with the rest of the team frequently, getting a lot of appreciation.


“I looked back at my old paintings and realized that my use of colors changed a lot since I work at Brick Visual, I really don’t know why, but I think it’s fascinating.”

Check out his selected works from the past year.


Prize Winning Lego Creations

Our András Vida has just won the grand prize at the Lego – Volvo competition with his work. Beside creating hilarious mini videos and images from renders and cutouts, he creates amazing Lego structures in 3D. Vida describes his motivations:

“Since I was 3 years old Lego was an essential part of my life. It’s an amazing opportunity that I can still have this as one of my passions, and develop my imagination, 3D artist skills, and just gain pure happiness by joining competitions, build and visualize. What a fun coincidence that after all these years I work in a company called BRICK!”

Vida has already won at the Lego challenge before, with a spectacular Calatrava building modell. 

Lego competition - András Vida
Lego competition - András Vida
Lego competition - András Vida
Lego competition - András Vida
András Vida - Lego Challenge/ Calatrava