Launching Art of Brick

The origins of Art of Brick

Brick Visual is an international team of architects, designers, fine artists and creative strategists who craft visual identities and narratives for tomorrow’s architecture. The professional talents that make up this tight-knit community, hailing from over 21 countries, pair their strong understanding of architecture with exquisite aesthetics. This expertise is reflected in our portfolio of works – but do you know the individual artists behind the magic and how prolifically they create art beyond commissions?

We came to this discovery after forming a group within our Brick intranet (used for company communication) titled My Life After 6 PM. As the title suggests, the aim was to show what we do after office hours, in our free time. Perhaps it is unsurprising that most of us continue producing art, as it is a natural continuation of who we are. On this platform, we share our most recent personal artworks and provide feedback to each other. This collection has grown into the Art of Brick, the new web page which has launched today. 


Márton Tóth – After the Watering


Unbounded personal visions

The Art of Brick has works in a variety of mediums such as digital art, painting, photography and music. These present a wide range of subject matters and moods, balanced compositions and unbounded personal visions. References to art history, music, cinema, literature and popular culture are also apparent in the works. This project prompts us, Brick artists, to unleash our creative energies and produce art for its own sake. This is in contrast to how we operate as architectural visualizers at the office, where we create designs diligently by taking budgetary constraints and timelines into account. While we are fortunate to work with top architects and clients on great projects, we would like to showcase additional artistic skills and competencies. 


Riccardo Rovoletto – Sketch

A glance into the future

Each month, starting April 2021, one of our creatives featured in the Art of Brick will take center stage. In our newsroom, we will introduce the most outstanding projects of our artists with an overview of their artistic endeavours, achievements and inspirations. In the upcoming months, we will zoom in on the work of András Vida, Workgroup Leader, and Giulia Adami, Production Manager and Senior 3D artist; Márton Tóth, Creative Director; Riccardo Rovoletto, Senior 3D artist and Brick Academy mentor; and Gergely Kis, Chief Operations Officer.  

András Vida and Giulia Adami developed a collaborative artistic project in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. To help promote the work of Hungarian painter, Mózes Incze, and extend his online presence, they jointly created a virtual art gallery. This gallery is a fictional museum that houses Incze’s major solo exhibition, presenting his work in a yearly breakdown. Art lovers are welcome to walk around the interactive museum by downloading this app. 

Márton Tóth primarily creates digital artworks, such as 3D art, matte paintings, animations and short films. For his work, he draws inspiration from the progressive and traditional alike. As Creative Director, he is often on the move to meet internationally renowned architects in person. Through such meetings, he delves into industry trends, namely parametric design and architecture. Apart from these futuristic tendencies, he takes a keen interest in more traditional artforms, like 19-20th century modern painting. These two aspects shape his creative vision, resulting in a variety of illustrations. 

Riccardo Rovoletto uses digital technology to convey feelings, impressions and sights that he experiences in daily life. While he identifies photography as a reference tool for his work, the main sources of inspiration are those memories which he collects while walking down the street, or going on an excursion. The careful application of colors and contrasts are key to fully express himself and transmit the multitude of sensations that emerge during the creation process. 

Gergely Kis is a versatile member of Brick. Besides being an architect, 3D artist and the COO of the company, he is a pianist and music composer as well. His main inspiration comes from movie soundtracks, and he is confident in expressing himself through heroic, romantic and jazzy styles. Apart from performing at weddings and creating children’s songs, he continuously composes pieces for Brick movies. With the support of Brick, a vinyl titled Liquid was published in 2018. This contains a selection of compositions he created for the company. He welcomes the opportunity to play on the office piano as well – he often surprises our team with ad hoc performances, which we greatly enjoy.

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