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Introducing the new colleagues

By January 25, 2017 No Comments
Brick Visual has been rapidly growing in the past years, making one of the largest architectural visualization teams in the industry. In the past few months a lot of new colleagues have joined the company from all over the world. Find out more about András, Csaba, Donatas, Dima, Matei and Zsolt. Welcome guys, we wish you a lot of tremendous experiences at Brick!
P.S.: We are still growing, and thus looking for skilled and talented 3D Artists in senior- and mid-level positions! For more information check out our job post.
Donatas Ruksenas
3D Artist
Donatas got his MSc as a Product Designer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. During his first years at the academy he discovered 3D graphics, and understood that this creative segment is one of the most powerful ways to convey one’s ideas to people. Since then he has worked as a 3D freelancer with several architectural studios, designers and game developers. Another big part of Donatas’s life is travel photography, more specifically abandoned industrial places. He loves the smell of history, challenges in life and new discoveries.
Matei Bacanu
3D Artist
Given his masters degree in architecture and passion for visual art and technology, stepping into the world of architectural visualization was a very natural step for Matei. When he is not trying to further develop his skills in archviz, Matei is probably out climbing, trying to play an instrument or riding his motorcycle somewhere in the mountains.
Zsolt Franczia
3D Artist
Zsolti is an architect by profession with work experience in the Netherlands and Switzerland. After graduating he started working as an architectural visualizer since it was a perfect combination of architecture and his other passion: photography. He joined Brick to be able to develop his skills further and to experiment with the latest trends and technologies that will define the industry in the future. He’s a keen sportsman who enjoys rowing, skiing, hiking and playing tennis. He is also interested in space exploration and quantum physics.
Dmitro Balazs
3D Artist
Dima earned his Bsc in Architecture at the Lviv University. Meanwhile he got to learn architecture visualization by himself, and practised his skills to help his classmates. The autodidactic interest soon became his profession – first as a freelancer, then at archviz studios. Dima’s hobby is his work, he cannot really separate the two. However every once in a while he grabs his camera to go out, and take pictures of the ’real’ world.
András Vida
3D Artist
With a background in architecture, music, motion graphics and design, architecture visualization and 3D computer graphics soon became András’s hobby and later his passion. The creation of something beautiful is his fundamental goal and motivation, combining a wide range of tools and expression methods. While off work, András enjoys learning about new discoveries in science, playing the piano, guitar, and doing archery.
Csaba Sipka
Server-Office IT
Csaba started his professional career at the architecture design office of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an IT assistant. Soon he had become a lead project manager and later started his own IT company. In the last 15 years he has delt with CAD design and programming, website building and webshop maintenance. Eventually he found his way in system integration, network building and server and desktop support because these are the most dynamic and flexible parts of the IT field. Besides his fascination for technology, he used to write hundreds of poems and won several awards with them. Nowadays in his past time he works on video editing projects and writes his blog passionately.