Helping with the Power of Art

This year, our company decided to take a different path and did volunteering as part of our team building activities.
This turned out to be an amazing way to strengthen the team spirit and cohesion.


Thanks to the Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány for organizing our charity work, we could help effectively and safely.

Brick Visual offered to refurbish the dormitories of a special education complex and help to clean their vast garden. We bought new, comfier beds and furniture and used our best skills, our artistic talent, to make the rooms cozier and more fun.
The tenants of the institution are teenagers and even young adults, who are battling mental challenges. We only knew a little about the project we were gonna be working on, but we were rather excited and thrilled.

Weeks before the team building, we established a creative crew to brainstorm and design the future wall arts and figure out the patterns. We discussed different techniques, color schemes and illustration styles. The idea was to create something the teenagers would love.
After thorough planning, cutting stencils, buying equipment and tools, on Friday, early morning, we found ourselves on a bus, heading to the school at Velence.
The team of Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány and the employees of the school welcomed our noisy and excited team and helped us to organize the day’s work and duties.
We formed teams and started to work on the wall arts and clean the garden. The busy hours of masking, sketching and painting was followed by a home-cooked lunch. Employees and teachers of the school were excited to see the wall arts taking shape and chatting about which one is their favorite.They could not really decide, because loved them all equally.
In the afternoon we did the finishing touches and assembled the furniture we offered and moved them to their places.
The walls of the schools were covered by the photos and achievements of the students, who live there and as they were on holiday, we could only wonder, if they would like their new, renovated rooms as much as we loved to create them.

After cleaning up and dusting ourselves, the employees gifted us a painting by one of the students and hand-picked flowers. We were overwhelmed.
Despite seemingly great effort from its staff, the school looked worn-out and challenged by the lack of money. It was a heartwarming, yet also sad to hear, that our contribution and labor were the greatest improvement in the last 30 years.
We will definitely do something similar again.