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Hello New Colleagues!

By August 4, 2015 No Comments

Meet these wonderful 3D artists and architects, who have recently joint their forces with Brick Visual!


Some of them are skilled colleagues, others have come here to gain experience and learn in a fast-paced, professional environment. Welcome on board!


Éva Sághegyi – 3D Artist Trainee

Évi graduated as an architect from the University of West Hungary with an honored diploma project (Camelot Research & Visitor Center). She has two years of working experience as an architect, and now she is deepening her skills in visualizations as part of our matte-painter team. She admires concept art and the world of the science fiction visualizations.

Márk Szakács – 3D Artist

Márk started off with various educations and working experiences until he landed in the world of 3D. Besides mastering his skills in his freetime, he also completed an Autodesk course. The more he delt with the subject, the bigger his devotion has become. At Brick, he is covering a wide array of tasks from modeling to post-production.

András Bálint – 3D Artist

András earned his Msc in architecture at the Budapest University of Technology. For three years, he was working as an exhibition designer, being involved in numerous challenging installation projects. Then, he decided to turn his focus to visualizations, and soon started actively working as a 3D artist. He is also an MTB maniac, every year he does a cross-country marathon.

Andrzej Czabański – 3D Artist Trainee

Andrzej is doing his Msc in architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. He is curious and passionate about artistically fulfilling the visual side of architectural creation, and at Brick he can focus entirely on creating images while developing his skills and love for architecture. Music is another endeavor that has always been a huge part of Andrzej’s life. He has played in various metal and experimental bands doing shows, writing, and recording music. Andrzej is also an animal rights activist as the member of a large Polish organization.

VICTOR Knight – 3D Artist Trainee

Victor is doing his internship at Brick, as he is currently in the process of finishing his Msc in architecture at the University of Pécs. He earned his Bsc at the ATB University in Bauchi, Nigeria. Visualization is one of his passions: creating something based on someone’s words is the kind of creative challenge he admires. He collects music in various forms; one of his focuses is authentic Chinese music.