Giving Art

Allow us to introduce the wonderful The Real Pearl (Igazgyöngy Alapítvány) and their undoubtedly life-changing work.
Each year we are strive to surprise our partners with something meaningful and special at the end of the year. This year we decided to help the Real Pearl foundation in the name of the wonderful people we work with by gifting them with the sense of giving.

Who are you helping?

The Real Pearl Foundation was founded in the poorest region of eastern Hungary. This is the part of the country where poverty transcends generations, with very small chances of upward social mobility. People often live in sheds with dirt floors, without the comfort of running water, electricity, or heating. These severe conditions seriously affect the children living there, making their education almost impossible.
The foundation works in these villages, becoming part of the communities and nurturing a close bond with the people they help. They organize campaigns to make these disadvantaged areas more visible to the public eye.
They have also started an art school as part of these heroic efforts.

“The Real Pearl created practices where the children could easily achieve success, so they feel motivated and confident during their classes and want to join after-school activities as well. They did not want to train artists: the main purpose was to create and draw to get their attention with playful, effective and creative interaction.”

We chose Real Pearl for its social embededdness and its unwavering commitment to the power of creation and art.
Here’s a collection of images sent to us by the amazing people at Real Pearl of their Santa celebration. Thank you for your help in keeping these children beaming.

We wish you happy holidays with the help of illustrations, created by the small hands at The Real Pearl Foundation!
Thank you for being part of our journey this year and see you in 2020!

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