Exploring new creative heights in animation creation

In the heart of our creative studio, we thrive on pushing boundaries and identifying opportunities that amaze both our clients and the creative community. As a perfect accompaniment to the official Chaos Vantage 2 trailer we released earlier, we proudly unveil our latest work — a making-of video. Within its frames, four skilled Brick artists, who played pivotal roles in shaping the trailer, share their artistic and technical insights, granting an exclusive glimpse into the profound conceptual foundation of the animation.

As early adopters and dedicated users of Vantage, we were thrilled to collaborate with Chaos Group, a leading player in the computer graphics and visualization industry. To help launch the latest version of their real-time ray tracing software, we put together a compelling 1.5-minute trailer that aims to entice Chaos’ user base — professionals in design, animation, and visual effects — to leverage the cutting-edge features of the software in their work.

We harnessed the power of Vantage to bring this project to life


Our team handled all aspects of the production, including previz, storyboarding, simulation, art direction, greenscreen shooting, and compositing. During the pre-production and storyboarding phase, our primary objective was to craft a narrative that not only aligns with the core idea behind the product but also effectively connects with the target audience. 

The positive feedback we received from the creative community upon its release inspired us to create a making-of video. This special feature offers behind-the-scenes insights, showcasing shot breakdowns of key scenes, along with intriguing details from the greenscreen and compositing processes.


We are creative minds, continually exploring new technologies and formats


Passion drives us to embark on such exciting projects, unearthing hidden aspects and creative potential throughout the journey. Our ultimate goal is to create visuals and weave narratives that deeply connect with viewers, continually raising the bar. With a firm foothold in the media and entertainment industry, we believe that this is only the beginning of an amazing creative journey as we venture further.

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