Enjoyable Speed and Efficiency – Launching our first tool for visual artists

If you have ever felt lost in 3ds Max (haven’t we all?) Pulze Scene Manager is for you – developed by us.


Our Pulze Scene Manager is a “peacekeeper”. It makes the workflow of visual artists radically more efficient and enjoyable. Brick Visual’s Pulze Scene manager beta is ready for download for free from our website, pulze.io. Developed by and with the help of SOM, Woods Bagot and other top notch archviz pros, we have just launched our first software, Scene Manager as a forerunner of a family of efficient tools for fellow artists.

While creating a 3D scene it’s quite common to get lost in the vastness of different functions and rendering something with bad resolution, wrong cams and forgotten layers. Especially when the scene gets larger. Scene Manager is a great tool to avoid such problems, while it makes the workflow efficient and convenient.

This fact is proven by SOM’s London team:

“We were looking for a solution that would be simplified and implemented in the way we need it. We got our solution in Pulze. The team caters to our individual need and their instant support is invaluable. ”

Pedja Pantovic, Visual Design Manager

This software brings together all important settings that are otherwise scattered throughout a 3D application, using a unified interface. It is not only comfortable to use thanks to the integration of the most important functions, but highly user friendly and intuitive.

As Scene Manager was developed tested and used by architectural visualization pros, all the needs to speed up and rationalize processes were known from first hand experience.  The software is suitable for larger companies as well as for individuals.

Pulze - Scene manager setup panel
Pulze - Interface

What makes this tool one of a kind and useful?

  • Its fresh and modern UI | An easy to use mobile app-like user interface that is unified across all the supported platforms, ensuring a fluent and natural experience.
  • Fetch Settings | When Scene Manager is not used from the beginning of a project, it could take some time to transfer and arrange dozens of cameras and lighting situations. This is where the fetch feature can speed up the workflow. In case of creating an animation, all the setups can be auto created from the selected cameras.
  • Hdri Browser | Hdri-s can be searched and applied  through the built-in browser by using the thumbnails for instant design decisions.
  • Batch Render | Batch render enables users to render images one by one with different lighting, layers, output paths or even with different elements and they can be managed easily at the same time.
  • Import and export | Change specific setups across teams, colleagues or remotely working freelancers. Scene Manager will gather and export all the necessary models, lights and cameras involved, to make importing and merging smooth on the other end.
  • Highly compatible | Scene Manager is highly compatible. It can be used with 3ds Max | V-Ray | Corona and coming soon on SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, Unity, Cinema 4D and even Maya.

“Incredibly Pulze works in a simple, artist friendly manner, without the need of a dedicated TD, complex scripting or overcomplicated interfaces.”

Tarran Kundi Associate Principal Global Leader – Visual Communications, Woods Bagot

Scene Manager beta is free to download and use for on the following website: pulze.io