Eight Years of Communicating Architecture

A little glimpse into 8 years of Brick Visual. A birthday post.


It may appear a bit selfish to celebrate ourselves, but we’d like to share the joy of Brick Birthday with you! In 2012, a couple adventurous architects, some of them still in school, decided to work exclusively on visualizing architectural designs.

Eight years, more than 1780 projects, around 6500 images and movies later Brick Visual is now a company of 70+ people in two offices, in Budapest and Cluj-Napoca.

Watching the partial solar eclipse together
Out with the old, in with the new
Old office moments
Old office moments
Old office moments
The doctor is in
Shooting in our own studio
When we were just toddlers
Realistic artworks
Capacity planning - The early days
Four legged friends
The future is here
Creating together is joyful
The future is yesterday
Very important high level meeting

The company and especially our “older” generation — think thirtysomethings — like to think they grew up with the archviz industry. For us, architectural visualization has turned into a lifestyle, not just a profession.
We never stop creating at the end of each workday. We keep on doodling and rendering, gather inspiration and daydream about image scenarios.

Archviz has also grown to become an essential part of development, urban planning and of course architecture, no longer a niche business of artists and creatives.
What was born from a void in the process – the need to show buildings realistically in a relatively short time – grew into a visual language, a community, moreover, an independent industry in just a couple of years.

Looking back on our birthday, we remember when our capacity planning interface was a white board full of colorful scribbles, while the tools we used were originally meant for entirely different purposes.
Since then we have streamlined workflows and created a know-it-all HUB platform as well as the Pulze software family. All were developed in-house and distributed industry-wide, making our lives easier.

With our projects we are lucky enough to have “traveled” the World, from Northern Norway to the tip of Australia, working with the best architect offices. Each year we selected our favorite images and shared them in our carefully designed portfolios that now make a series of prints.

Sharing has always been an important idea for us, especially when it comes to knowledge. We learnt our profession on the go, and taught our experience to our coworkers and new colleagues. Three years ago, we felt the need to go further and we opened a school for those who want to learn architectural visualization from 3D artists: not just “How?” but also “Why?”. Brick Academy organizes courses for all levels of skills. We have started more recently to teach our artistic approach in live remote learning, via interactive online courses.

Last year we decided to expand, not just in size, but also geographically. We opened our new office in Cluj-Napoca, where our colleagues work as an extended workgroup of the Budapest HQ, on the same projects.

All of this would mean nothing without the wonderful people at Brick Visual. Our community is the best reason to celebrate. Our international team has seen a lot of arrivals and goodbyes, strict deadlines, long nights and award winnings together.

And of course, cheers to our amazing clients, partners, followers and fans, who experienced this unbelievably adventurous eight years with us! Thank you, we are truly honored!