Cloud Architektai’s competition-winning design

We are excited to present the images created for Cloud Architektai’s masterplan proposal called 3 DOTS that won first place in a design competition. The firm was the first among the nine best architectural offices to re-imagine the Lithuanian capital’s inner city. We were given an exceptional opportunity to share a wide selection of images we created for our client, including concept- and final visuals. Delve into the competition-winning design below!   

An aerial visualization from Cloud Architektai's competition-winning design

Improving the Neris embankment

The challenge

The competition challenged nine consortium members to integrate the commercial, residential and public functions of a high-profile area in Vilnius. Located along the main axis of the city and the Neris river, the territory had been divided into different zones to which architects submitted their concepts.



A selection of concept visuals


Cloud Architektai’s 3 DOTS proposal aimed to lend a recognizable character to the waterfront area of the future quarter. Their team considered the natural endowments and the existing buildings of the place and drew on their organic connection. The river, green slopes of the Neris valley, and the nearby historical and business center informed the architectural language of their choice. 

A concept visual representing the panoramic restaurant


In supporting their vision, we created a great selection of concept visuals in the initial design phase. In each image, we presented a particular aspect of a building, enriched by a minimalistic, everyday scene. Each still draws the viewer in with a unique twist in line with the architectural intent. By looking through the collection of these stills, the diversity of the area and the key moments of the development shine through.

The panoramic restaurant from Cloud Architektai's competition-winning design

The restaurant, one of the highlights of the design 

Contributing to a modern Vilnius

The architectural plans were evaluated based on five criteria. The overall concept, quality of urban solutions, functionality of buildings, economical rationality and ecological dimensions were weighed when selecting the winner. Cloud Architektai’s vision was acknowledged by the jury for devising innovative urban solutions and giving the quarter a strong character. 

Congratulations to the architects for their competition-winning design that contributes to a more modern Vilnius!

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