Brick’s 10th anniversary and new website

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached an important milestone in the studio’s history: a decade of successful business operations. In celebration of our 10th business anniversary, we did a branding refresh, which considered the website, logo and overall visual identity. We also take this occasion to reflect on our humble beginnings, achievements and what is yet to come, while expressing gratitude toward our clients and those who made Brick possible.

X, our 10th business anniversary teaser

In 2012 a handful of young 3D artists in Hungary dreamed of working with the most famous architects – those they studied about during their university years. To realize their ambitions, they worked long days and nights in a small Budapest-based apartment under the name Brick Visual. The first ‘aha!’ moment came upon creating the Rørvik Kirke for LINK Arkitektur (image below), which clearly showed Co-founder and CEO András Káldos the direction to take.

 LINK Arkitektur – Rørvik Kirke, an image from 2012

Since the beginning, we have been providing clients with artistic imagery, created with the latest technologies. Striving for more than just producing ‘renderings’, we have been offering complex design communications services. This entails conveying the architectural message in the most compelling way and working collaboratively with our clients as partners. Citing András:

‘We are thankful for all our clients who realize the value of our services and work method. We have renewed ambition to elevate their great design ideas through a range of creative content.’

The iconic staircase in Brick’s HQ

Growing Brick from a small studio to one of the market leaders of archviz wouldn’t have been possible without focusing on the business aspect. Throughout the years, our team has devised a comprehensive business strategy that considers all organizational functions. Our human resources, capacity planning and commercial strategy have enabled us to pursue valuable opportunities and invest in technology while providing advanced services to our clients.

Vaporescence, our latest architectural animation showreel

In recent years, our portfolio of services has expanded to deliver more complex projects. Examples include high-end animations, motion images and other interactive and VR content. Our 3D production services have been sought-after by the media and entertainment industry, opening new possibilities for expansion.


A selection of commissioned animations 

On the occasion of our 10th business anniversary, we redesigned our brand identity and website and set a new strategic direction. We applied the ‘less is more’ principle to our visual identity, resulting in a clean look. The website, the crown jewel of the rebranding, presents more dynamic imagery, like commissioned animations, looped videos and a flythrough office tour, offering viewers a highly visual experience.

Our primary logo

We also redesigned our logo, which now has two variations. The blue square is our new primary logo, which has been abstracted from the signature trait of our former logo. The secondary logo is text-based, a bolder version of its predecessor. 


The old and new secondary logo

Regarding strategy, while archviz remains at the core of our activities, providing the media and entertainment industry with 3D production services will become more prominent. By furthering our technological infrastructure and capacities, we will be equipped to produce the most complex and high-end animations and interactive content.  

The Brick team

Brick was launched with a handful of people in the Hungarian capital. Today, nearly 100 experts are committed to our mission, working from Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Verona and a few other countries remotely.   

‘I am particularly proud of the team that has formed at Brick. The talent and dedication of our artistic community have proved the real catalyst in reaching new professional heights. Our goal is to continue to retain and attract talents from around the world in the coming years. After all, the greatest value of Brick lies in its skilled artists. I believe that with their continuous commitment, our best years are ahead of us.’ – said András Káldos. 

We are grateful for all of those who have made Brick Visual possible. Looking forward to another prolific decade!


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