Brick in Cluj: The Little Sibling that Roars!

It’s been almost 5 years since Brick’s first satellite office in neighbouring Romania opened its doors. Headed by Brick executive Ciprian Colda, and originally manned by a small but powerful team of great artists migrating from the Budapest main office, it has retained the same creative, diverse community as big brother in Budapest.

Operations mirror the very same projects and workflows, as the studio in Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania basically became an expansion, like adding an extra room, only it happens to be a couple hundred miles away. With the core values and qualities inherited, compared to the main office in Budapest, which meanwhile evolved into the current powerhouse of 60 artists, the crew of the Cluj office embraced the more snug, familiar atmosphere their surroundings dictated.

Close to our hearts, the Cluj team regularly joins most Brick events, like the infamous Christmas parties, or participates remotely in in-house events like workshops or other staff meetings, as well as arranging their own events locally. Cluj being the perfect size big-smalltown, getting around downtown or arranging an excursion into the wild nature of Transylvania is never too distant.

Since those first years, the cozy loft office has recently been replaced by a new, spacious, but just as cozy studio, currently housing 12 artists, with the capacity for at least another 12 to comfortably join the crew. In true Brick spirit, the team is a fusion of artists from 6 different nationalities, making the diversity and variation just as exciting as in our Budapest office, with its roughly 25 different nationalities represented from every continent on this planet. Except Antarctica, though recruitment is actively working on correcting that as well!

Plans have recently started to take shape for the Brick Academy to arrange its first course taking place in the Cluj office. This should certainly create an excellent opportunity for talents from the local, Romanian 3D artist community to participate. It will most likely consist of a two-week workshop in creative drafting, a hands-on program, mentored by Brick Lead artists. The course has previously proved very successful amongst students, lighting a fire of creativity in its participants, regarding image composition, lighting and post-production!

As usual, regarding the Academy, promising talents who show potential, dedication and a true passion for the craft, may eventually be offered a position joining Brick, where they can continue evolving much further by participating in the creation of a wide range of interesting, and often excitingly challenging projects. All this in a pleasant, encouraging and professional environment, surrounded by like minded, passionate artists, and an atmosphere based on mutual respect, collaboration and a common strive for excellence!

To thankfully ease things a bit even further, as Romania is now becoming a member of the Schengen agreement in Europe, the freedom for non-EU citizens living and working in Cluj on a working visa, to be able to freely travel around the continent is becoming much smoother as well. This is now opening doors for applicants to Brick from basically any country to be offered a seat in the Cluj studio!

The two-week training planned to commence in May is open for anyone interested in properly polishing their skills, and possibly their whole, general approach to all the aspects of what creative drafting entails. As all Brick Academy courses are meant to have a more personal, tailor-made approach to the participants, only a limited amount of seats will be available. These will be attained through an elimination process, based on the quality of application portfolios, with a small number of free seats reserved for the most promising artists.

As mentioned earlier, the ultimate purpose of the event is to serve as a stepping stone for dedicated artists to gain an offer of employment at the Cluj studio, upon completion of the training.

Feeling up to the challenge?

Send your details, CV and portfolio to the Academy through the link below, and hopefully we’ll see you in Cluj for those two, inspiring weeks ahead!

I’d love to participate!

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