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As you may already know, architectural visualization isn’t merely a profession for us, it’s more of a lifestyle and we like to give back to the industry that is still quite small, yet incredibly rapidly growing. Hence we are keen on sharing our experience and knowledge we have earned as one of the biggest companies regarding volume and team size.

We truly believe in constant learning and adaptation. Just think about it, due to the powerful technological development, our jobs are constantly changing, new ones emerge and old ones disappear frequently. Technological singularity is definitely upon us.

Just a couple of years ago, architectural visualization was not existing, now it’s a rapidly growing industry with perspectives in VR and AR. Research and development projects help the industry to find its true voice which is constantly changing and evolving into something new. Believing in constant learning, at the end of 2017, we decided to launch the first Brick Academy for young 3D artists and it has been proved to be so successful, that we would like to organize these power bootcamps a couple of times throughout the year.

We have launched this project in September by interviewing prospective candidates, who participated in the eight week intensive course. The aim was to give a strong basis in architectural visualization and getting the participants ready to be 3D artists at Brick Visual.

We created and fine tuned an intensive program, based on the expertise of our senior 3D artists. The students had workshops on every second or third Saturday at our office, while in between they were given home assignments by personally assigned mentors, who were ready to help them in case they have questions or challenges while tackling their tasks. After finishing the course, three amazing 3D artists have joint us to power up our team: Orsolya Meszaros, Hanga Györgyi and Bettina Fedynyshynets.
Their mentors were: Bernadett Tóth, Zsolt Franczia, István Varga, István Lovák.

The mentors and academists of the first Brick Academy.
Mentors: Zsolt Franczia, István Varga, István Lovák
Academists: Hanga Györgyi, Orsi Mészáros, Bettina Fedynyshynets

Saturday sessions were divided to themes, built on each other, such as how to model interiors and exteriors, simple and complex materials and post production. Between each sessions they were working on projects individually to practice what they have learnt at the workshops.

  • Orsi Mészáros
  • Final exam images by: Bettina Fedynyshynets
  • Hanga Györgyi


Hanga Györgyi  mentioned:

“The way our mentors have built the lectures was very easy to understand, it was a clever and  well built material that helped our learning tremendously. It’s rare to experience so much help from coworkers and not just during the academy, but after joining the team.”

The first Brick Academy course helped us to review and constantly better our teaching methods and we developed it into a super intensive and effective way of getting to know the basics of architectural visualization.
Beside the professional skills, academists got to know the environment both physically and software-wise as well as our workflow.

István Lovák, senior 3D artist and mentor states: The future of architecture and teaching architecture is obviously to react and even foresee  technical trends and advancements. Our clients know and require the latest visual solutions to communicate their design concepts in the most effective way. We established a course to create and share a knowledge base that is not only up to date, but actually ready to stand future challenges.

Of course Brick Academy is not only about technical skills. Orsi Mészáros said:

“We got the chance to learn the basics of architectural visualization and not only the technical side. Our mentors put great emphasis to teach us composition and artistic style, which Brick is well-known of.”

After a successful exam and joining our team, Bettina Fedynyshynets would recommend the Brick Academy:
It was a great and exciting challenge to participate and it was definitely worth it, as I got the possibility to learn a valuable profession that I could not have acquire otherwise. Would definitely recommend.

Brick Academy is only available at Budapest currently.

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