Brick Visual Animation Showreel – 2015

2015 was an expeditious year for us, delivering about 600 projects all around the world, growing with 12 colleagues, participating at professional events, lecturing at the Autodesk University and the list could go on and be just inappropriately long for this post. Scroll back on our social media timeline to see them all!


We would like to thank our clients for their trust and the ever-inspiring projects, our partners for the fantastic collaborations and of course the team, the heart of all this.

Brick Visual Architectural Visualization Showreel – 2015 from Brick Visual on Vimeo.


This year, we really got into the swing of the showreel-making, and prepared an extended version as well. Have a look at the B-Side as well that gives a glimpse into life of the Brick office and our working methods.


Brick Visual Showreel B-Side – 2015 from Brick Visual on Vimeo.

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