Post-production & Sketching

A masterclass for intermediate to advanced 3D artists. Acquire skills from initial sketching to final touches, focusing on post-production in high-end architectural visualization.

Masterclass - Post-production & Sketching

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10 seats | 1 week | 40 hours
500 € + VAT*
*where applicable

Location: Budapest
Brick Visual Office

This course will guide you through high-end image making processes from basic composition rules and using matte paint elements to adding the final touches.

From Effective Sketching
to Fine-tuning

This course is for you if you already have experience in architectural visualization, but want to take a step forward.

We designed the masterclass with 3D professionals in mind. We have all been there, where you have already created some significant and beautiful 3D images, know the basics, learnt the necessary know-how, but somehow you are missing something that makes your images stand out. Or you are thinking about implementing a different, more productive workflow, but you just don’t know how to do it.

At Brick Visual’s masterclass for 3D artist will elevate your architectural visualizations to a new professional level.

  • Join a professional environment
  • Learn the fundamentals of archviz and post-production
  • Fine-tune your drafting and experimenting skills in image creation
  • Boost your professional Adobe Photoshop knowledge
Mentoring at the course

Get this as part of a two-weeks masterclass bootcamp with our animation masterclass and get a 15% discount of the animation course!

Teachers & Mentors

Learn valuable knowledge from Brick Visual’s top industry professionals. The tailor-made program encourages personal, immediate interaction and instant feedback during the course.

You will learn from real 3D artists, in a buzzing, living office, where dozens of archviz creations are made daily. Our mentors are senior artists at Brick Visual, with deeply rooted humbleness towards their profession. They are not only top-notch artists, but motivated teachers, who can engagingly share their knowledge and experiences with you, while giving valuable feedback essential to develop your skills.

Ask our staff, we are happy to help!

Office & Facilities

You will learn in our well-equipped, spacious and full of light office at Budapest and experience the easy-going vibe of our community. Brick Academy’s conscious teaching method gives you the unique chance to observe, how a rather big, high-profile visualization studio works with international, top architectural companies, such as BIG, Snøhetta or SOM.

Work is in progress
Academy's workstations
Rooftop at Brick
Team at break
High profile visualisation office

High-tech Environment

As archviz requires reliable technical background, we offer well-equipped workstations, you can work effectively and smoothly. You will have access to Brick Visual’s green box studio, cameras, Wacom Cintiqs and VR gadgets.

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Location of the courses:
Budapest, Hungary
1036. Perc street 8. Floor: 4th

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