Brick Academy

Our educational brand offers courses that can help you boost your career in archviz and even land a job at Brick.

  • Online Advanced Course

    Post-production in Archviz

    Create images with strong conceptual foundations that show the main ideas of the design and engage the viewer. You can take this course full-time in a week or twice a week over a period of five weeks.

  • Hybrid Advanced Course

    Animation in Archviz

    Add a degree of motion to the built environment and craft stunning architectural animations. Within this hybrid course, you will work on a real-life project and complete an animation as a member of a small team.

  • Masterclass

    Interior Archviz Course

    Create realistic interiors with the most fitting atmospheric tone and master two internationally renowned styles under the mentorship of EVE experts.

  • Intensive In-Class Course

    Image Generalist in Archviz

    Gain skills on all aspects of creating high-end stills In this full-time course, you will learn to develop archviz images with the proper conceptual foundations, 3D techniques, and artistic aspects.

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