A Winning Collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects

2021 started incredibly well for us, learning that the team of Zaha Hadid Architects won the Shenzhen Tower C competition.

The result of our collaboration is a comprehensive set of images that go beyond simply illustrating a skyscraper and its surroundings. They grab the essence of the design and translate it to convincing visual stories.

We understand the complicated world of architectural competitions and use our technical skills and artistic vision to help our partners on their journey, where their ideas come to life.

Every competition winning is a cause for celebration for our team and it’s an incredible feeling for us to work with such talents as ZHA.

Here is a short summary of the project.

About Tower C

The ambitious project responds to its strategic location that serves the greater bay area of Guangdong, Hong kong, and Macau. The planned hub integrates the existing clusters of corporate headquarters within a global technology center accommodating 300,000 employees each day.

Tower C will include several facilities, such as conference and exhibition venues, cultural hotspots, while incorporating residential developments and transportation hubs. Planned botanical grasslands and coastal zone wetlands will add a green touch to the hyper modern district.

“The project’s design was informed by 3D modelling tools that optimize efficiencies in architectural massing, orientation, and façade-to-floor ratios. the result is a ‘multi-dimensional vertical city’ that comprises two towers that climb to a height of nearly 400 meters.”

The conscious design of the twin towers utilizes the latest high-tech innovations, such as the double-insulated, unitized glass curtain wall that steps the glazing as vertical channels for self-shading and incorporates ventilating registers within the channels that draw outside air through operable cavities. Beside the tech-savvy approach ZHA incorporated revolutionary green solutions in the design. The climate inside will be controlled in real time, adjusted to the weather conditions to reduce consumption.

Aquaponics gardens on all terraced levels will biologically filter contaminants from the local environment. The design also incorporates water-collection and recycling, as well as photovoltaics to harvest solar energy for the district.

Partnering with studios and talents such as ZHA and working on such cutting edge projects mean that we can shape the future together.

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