3rd Round of Brick Academy Completed

The third round of Brick Academy has just ended and our team gained four amazing Junior 3D Artists. Brick Academy Courses will start soon.


              As you may already know, sharing our years of experience and expertise is one of our cornerstones at Brick Visual.
In this post, we introduced the first team, who has successfully participated in our trainings and took their exams at Brick Academy. Since then, they have not only hired as Junior 3D artists, but promoted to be 3D artists, than seniors already.  During the rounds of conducting the courses, we fine-tuned our personalized teaching methods and gained valuable experiences that will be fruitful for further courses. If you are interested in learning to be an architectural visualization professional, sign up to our newsletter.


Third etap of Brick Academy has just ended and our team was enriched with four, talented, young artists.
Luca Di Nucci, Federica Coccia, Gergely Vörös and Nicolò Garonzi  took successful exams and now starting their career at Brick Visual.
Check out their amazing work below!
(Please note: The buildings were used as practice materials, strictly for learning purposes and they not represent the concept of the architect)

Federica Coccia
Gergely Vörös
Luca Di Nucci
Nicoló Garonzi


As we believe in constant development, we have a new training setup. Brick Academy will evolve into a bigger endeavor and will be open for a wider audience. Our Junior 3D Artist course will be dedicated to those, who wants to start their careers in architectural visualization and may work at Brick Visual, but yet lacking some skills.
Follow us for more information soon. And sign up!