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Imagine a dead-end job as a labyrinth without an escape, a monotonous cycle that offers little fulfillment and even fewer chances for growth. But fear not, for with over a decade of industry experience, we’ve devised a way for 3D artists to break free from such circumstances and flourish in their craft.

In our latest The Brick Picture interview, we sit down with Márton Zoltán Tóth, our Chief Creative Officer, to delve into the exciting 3D artist careers available at Brick.

Read on to discover how you can unleash your full potential with us!

Your path – 3D artist careers at Brick 


Examining the career path graph above, we can see there are numerous advancement opportunities for artists at Brick. What was the idea behind creating such a map? 

Based on our experience, advancing in one’s career as a 3D artist can become challenging once you reach a certain level of expertise. Over time, monotony in daily tasks can set in, leading to a loss of motivation or, in extreme cases, burnout. 

We have also noticed that some artists excel in specific skills, which should be further developed. While we believe that every artist should be responsible for their images and movie shots from start to finish, later in the career path they don’t necessarily need to be outstanding in every aspect of production. Specialization is a viable option.

At Brick, our career path for 3D artists blends the traditional roles found in archviz with specialized positions commonly seen in the film industry. So, our approach is a hybrid one, offering a diverse range of opportunities for growth.

How do you assess the level of a 3D artist when they apply for a position at Brick? How do they typically react to the career path you present to them?

Determining a 3D artist’s level isn’t straightforward, as there are no industry standards in place. A Senior 3D Artist in a small studio may not meet the requirements for the same role in a larger studio with more complex projects. We prioritize the quality of work – their portfolio – over the number of years spent in architectural visualization. It has happened that we offered the position of “3D artist” at Brick to two individuals: one with 2 years of experience and the other with 8. It’s essential not to be discouraged by this, as at Brick, you can advance rapidly through hard work.

Most artists who join Brick find relief in discovering a clear career path ahead, allowing them to plan for long-term employment.

Some of our job ads, old and new, focus on growth and the qualities we look for in our candidates


What is the level or position that all artists need to reach while working at Brick? 

We expect all artists to reach the Senior 3D Artist level at least. As a Senior 3D Artist, you have complete autonomy over your image or movie shot, possess comprehensive knowledge, and are expected to be able to work independently. A Senior Artist at Brick consistently offers innovative solutions to problems and can navigate challenging situations. 

Once an artist reaches the Senior 3D Artist position, how do you determine which path to follow?

We conduct quarterly one-on-one discussions where we provide feedback on our artists’ progress and work over the past period or year. Their performance is evaluated using our KPI system. Additionally, we encourage them to share their feedback during these conversations. We then collaboratively define milestones with each artist, enabling them to understand areas for improvement to advance in their careers. 

It’s important to note that staying in the Senior 3D Artist position is an option; we don’t pressure anyone into roles they aren’t comfortable with. However, we do provide the opportunity for artists to refine their niche skills in other roles.

Brick artists who have been promoted so far in 2023


You mentioned artists with unique or specialized skills. What career opportunities are available to them at Brick?

The artist, the Creative Director who supervises their work and I collectively decide on potential career paths. As a quick overview, here are some roles you could fill as an artist with distinct talent:

Specialist Roles: These positions are ideal for artists who possess exceptional technical skills in areas such as VFX, modeling, post-production, and compositing.

Project Manager: If you excel at client communication, delegating tasks, and overseeing entire projects, this position could be a great fit for you.

Lead 3D Artist: This role is for those who stand out in terms of artistic quality and can be relied upon for quality control.

At Brick, we provide comprehensive support, enabling artists to choose from a wide range of 3D artist careers that align with their unique abilities and interests.


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