Architectural Rendering

Brick Visual’s still images are rendered and composited 3D architectural visualizations designed to communicate your architectural project. Our two primary goals are to bring out the architectural qualities of each individual project, and secondly to reflect your brand identity. We assist you toward the desired future experience, look and feel by adding visual elements to the picture such as text, people or objects, and also by altering moods, lights, times of day and weather conditions.


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Online Media

Printed Media


A Brick Visual movie is an impressive marketing resource for engaging your target audience. These movies are thoroughly detailed, full HD (1080p) resolution rendered animations carried out in the highest-quality. The goal is to portray an experience of the completed project in a highly realistic and at the same time capitivating way. We can alter the scenes depending on your preferences, and add a wide array of elements for a truly beautiful presentation.


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Interactive Solutions

360 view is an exciting 3D imagery technology enabling the user to experience the project at any stage of the builT-out process. You can enter your project in seconds with just a click, and have a full-spectrum, superb quality view of the entire property.  In addition, we offer our visualizations in Virtual Reality as well. The combination of spatial experience and built-in design options gives endless opportunities in terms of presenting the potentials of a project. Thanks to our VR application, it is simple to use and easily accessible.


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Apartment Chooser

Interactive Walkthrough

World Trade Center – Silver Suites

Client: Silverstein Properties Inc.