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Holiday Greetings

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Dear Clients, thank you for the fantastic projects we’ve worked on this year! Dear Partners, thank you for your outstanding services and the fruitful collaborations throughout 2016! Dear Fans and…


Archviz Conferences in 2016

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This conference season has become seriously busy! As the industry is growing bigger, such events become ever more important. We are digital guys and girls, but still there is great…


Wine-tasting teambuilding in Eger

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It was a long time ago, since we last moved out of the office, and forgot about all the polygons and renderbuckets for a while.  Also, as the Brick team…


Architectural Visualization Portfolio 2016 – The Book

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Our redesigned 2016 architectural visualization portfolio has already been published here, and we are thrilled to announce that just recently, the fresh and still crispy printed version arrived from the…


Bigger, better, brighter – the new Brick office is officially occupied

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As the brick team is constantly growing, we had to find a solution for space. Fortunately, the office on the other side of the corridor in our favourite building (former…


See you at the d2 Conferences

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Last year we left with great experiences, this year we are honored to be among the speakers at the Digital Design Conferences in Vienna. Among a great number of excellent…


Dorte Mandrup wins design competition

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“A visionary design concept allows the building to float above the ground as if gravity doesn’t exist.”   We love to visualize great concepts, and this particular project proved to…


Hello new team members!

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Lilla Hajnal - Graphic Designer Lilla graduated as a landscape architect, having won several awards during her studies. Later on, she continoued university in Genova, where she learnt Italian language...

Redesigned 2016 Architectural Visualization Portfolio

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After a long creative process -that eventually involved quite a number of people from the team- we have come up with this brand new design for our architectural visualization portfolio….


Interviewed by Meshmag

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In just a couple of years, they grew from a handful of people to a company employing 40 professionals – interview with Brick Visual by Meshmag, the online journal of…


In-house Greenbox Studio

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We had a dream from the very beginning: our own greenbox studio. Well, it is true that good things come to those who wait because it is finally happening! Having…


Brick Visualizations at the Oxford Station Design Competition

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The design of AHR Architects visualized by Brick has been selected as winner at the Oxford Station Design Competition. Not only the professional jury appreciated AHR’s plans, but 70% of…


Brick Visual Animation Showreel – 2015

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2015 was an expeditious year for us, delivering about 600 projects all around the world, growing with 12 colleagues, participating at professional events, lecturing at the Autodesk University and the…


Awarded collaboration

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When the BakPak guys get in touch with us, we know something’s going to happen… In a short period of time, this is the second time that their design visualized…


3D Artist / Architectural Visualizer

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Open Positions for 3D Artists Due to an increase in projects and client commitments, we are hiring skilled and dedicated 3D Artists to our architectural visualization company. You will be...

Food Aid for Children

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For many, the holidays is the time of festive feasts, but in the underdeveloped rural areas the minimum amount of food is actually a difficulty this time of the year….


Special Guests at Brick

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This year, we invited Santa to meet the future brick generation. It was not only joyful for the kids to meet the old ho-ho-ho, but the entire office became very…


Meet our new team members!

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We are continuously growing! This time, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Malgorzata, Przemyslaw and Dávid, who have travelled long distances to join us.   Przemysław Żyra – 3D Artist Przemysław…


Greenbox Studio Day

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We have recently spent an entire day in a greenbox studio doing some high-quality footage for our animations with the help of two professional film-makers. Thank you Fanni and Domi…


Architectural Visualization Conferences

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We have visited two of the big nearby architectural visualization conferences recently. Both of them were amazing, we had a lot of fun and most importantly heard some interesting insights…


Hello New Colleagues!

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Meet these wonderful 3D artists and architects, who have recently joint their forces with Brick Visual! Some of them are skilled colleagues, others have come here to gain experience and...

Competition Winning Visuals for Bakpak Architects and EOVASTUDIO

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Our collaboration with Bakpak Architects and EOVASTUDIO turned out to be victorious! Out of the 30 applicants, Bakpak’s concept visualized by Brick has won the 1st prize for the design…


Interview with Brick CEO, András Káldos

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“Anyone can learn the software, but to be an outstanding 3D artist, I suggest to gain some sort of visual communication literacy.”   3DA: Why have you decided to work…


Jordal Amfi Arena, Oslo 2022 Winter Olympics

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It has been a while, since we did these visualizations of the extended Jordal Amfi arena for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Meanwhile, in October, 2014 the Norwegian government withdrew the…


New Architectural Movies

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Sunshine makes us super-productive! Check out these two recent animations freshly uploaded to our vimeo page:   Ormen Lange Business Centre – Milton District Hospital –  


New Team Members

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WELCOME ON BOARD!   Balint Tørøk – Project Manager – Norway Balint studied Slavic languages at the Eotvos Lorand University. After graduating, he participated in a volunteer program in Norway….


Joyful Easter

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… wishes from the Brick Team!  



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Besides being our amazing graphic designer, matte-painter and fun-loving team member Bence is actually a reputed slackliner too! His crew is featured in the 1st prize winning series in the…


Ålgård Church opened to the public

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We created the illustrations a bit more than one year ago, and last weekend Ålgård Church was opened to the public. Here are some pictures of the finished building:  …


Brick Visual – Portfolio

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We are more than happy to announce, that Brick’s very first printed portfolio is realized! Feel free to browse through the entire portfolio under the downloads menu: – Enjoy…


Bal Bay 252 Construction

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It is great to see how a project that we have worked on materializes and comes to life! Scrool down to have a look at the construction site of BalBay…


Brick Showreel – 2014

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We would like to thank all our clients and our amazing sales team for the fantastic projects carried out this year. Enjoy our 2014 showreel!  


Advertisement Movie of 699 Ocean Blvrd is Launched

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The following video is a very nice example of how a real-estate marketing movie looks like. This one in particular is a combination of animations made by Brick and some...

Behind the Scenes

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We made this video to show you how a green-box shooting looks like at Brick. You can see the evolution of the animated scenes – how  particular views reach their…

2015-02-12 14_02_56-Ronen Bekerman's Weekly Update 05+06_2015

Featured among the best

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Our visualization of Rørvik Church is featured in the best-of selection by Ronen Bekerman – 3D Architectural Visualization Blog. Thank you!


Winners of the Liget Budapest International Competition

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The winners of the Liget Budapest International Competition have been announced! We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our partner Közti Zrt. for their 1st prize awarded project…