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We were Shortlisted

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To ease the process of starting a new job, a new team, in a new neighborhood, or sometimes in a new country, we developed a set of gamified cards with spectacular and friendly design. Now we are proud to announce that this project was shortlisted at the ArtHungry Award which is part of the Hungarian Design Week.


At Brick Visual, we believe that our strength is in our team of highly trained individuals and we use the visually engaging cards to ease the integration of new members.
Currently, more than 50 people are working in the Budapest office, and we are expanding quite frequently.
Our Orientation Cards have two primary functions: on one hand they are informative and fun and on the other hand they invite the new colleagues to playfully explore various segments of the company, get to know other and test themselves in action through serious, absurd or fictional tasks related to the particular topic. The cards cover a wide array of topics: from the know-hows of the company private health insurance, through our birthday bash traditions to our capacity planning rules.
This way, new colleagues collect all necessary information in their own pace with the guidance of the cards, and they do not have to face unexpected situations due to the lack of information. Not to mention that the first days or weeks become much less stressful and more fun.
We are glad that not only our new colleges, but also the jury loved our carefully designed cards.

R’n’D Department

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We are pleased to announce that this year, we have taken a big step in improving our services, and established an R&D (Research and Development) department to make sure Brick is a flagship in the archviz industry from a technological aspect too.

Developing our processes has always been a constant challenge in the past years, hence in 2017 we decided to set up a dedicated team to take on this task. So, basically three people constantly work on developing cutting edge solutions such as our custom VR services or archviz-related programming. Just to give you an idea: this year 10% of our budget goes to this team. That’s a lot, but we believe it is an important investment in order to provide ever higher-quality archviz products and services. To sum it up: Brick has been a very experimental company since the beginning; always challenging the know-how and the tool set has enabled us to improve so quickly, and this mindset is basically the engine of the company.

In addition, the team also works as a research lab where new products and solutions are forged. Team members: Zsolt Simon (Unity, programming), Péter Sárhidai (programming), Mihály Paseczki (vfx, programing), Cselovszki Attila (CDO)

Product & Service Development Specialist

Zsolt Simon

Simi is our award-winning animation staffer. He has received leading recognition including the National Archicad Competition first prize and the 3D sign architecture visualization award. He maintains a balance between CAD and the final visual experience. His enthusiastic style adds to his work and collaboration with our team.
Product & Service Development Specialist

Péter Sárhidai

After several years as a freelancer, he joined Brick as a 3D artist. By his own admission, the best part of his work is that he can participate in a diverse range of projects. Creating skyscrapers and brainstorming on challenging projects suit his personality. He is also the contact manager of Australian projects.
VFX Specialist

Mihály Paseczki

A graduated sound engineer and experienced multimedia artist, Misi worked as an audio and visualisation producer for Hungarian bands, while undertaking various commercial projects as a sound designer. Coming from the world of music and sound, he joined Brick to take care of the audio and animation production side. In his free time, he likes to play various instruments and to cycle in the mountains of Budapest.
Chief Development Officer

Attila Cselovszki

Attila is a visualizer with architectural background. He is the co-founder of Brick Visual, currently responsible for R&D and the creative direction of the movie production. He has been lecturing at Moholy-Nagy University since 2015. He is a creative thinker who fundamentally believes in balance, empathy and the joy of life.

No surprise, our most important subject in 2017 has been VR. At the moment we are focusing on the development of RealtimeVR and Panoramic360 products and our goal is to improve our pipeline.

With this excitement, let us share the results of one of our recent experiment:

Seeing the mixed reality tutorials we wanted to move one step further and take advantage of Vive’s potential. We got the idea of ​​somehow getting away with the tracking process on the actual footage, and started working out a solution.

Elements of the system:

– Live connection between Tracker and 3DS Max. Tracker data can be imported  to 3DS Max through Unity application.
– Live keyed image from camera to a control monitor
– The camera in 3DS Max is synchronized with the actual physical camera
– Creating log file about the spatial coordinates of the camera.

If these work then:

– We are able to render background footage with matching camera without the frustrating tracking process.
– We are capable of instructing the real camera in the studio, depending on the virtual environment.
– Without the need of tracking marks, the keying process also becomes much easier.

The link between the tracker and 3DS Max was implemented by a program that can translate between Unity and Max. Merging the synchronized image from the camera and the max was also done on a uniquely developed Unity application.

The following video gives you an insight into the steps of this experiment:

And here is the final result:

Later on we will show you what tools we are working on for our  pipeline development, such as the post production plugin for panoramic 360 images or 3DS Max Scene management.

Stay tuned …

5th Birthday

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5 years is an impressive milestone in a company’s history, and Brick Visual is no exception to that. A handful of young guys joint their forces exactly five years ago with a very strong vision, and started something that has become Brick Visual. 50+ people, more than 1500 superb projects behind, amazing clients, countless valuable friendships. After growing rapidly since the start, in the past year we have been busy establishing a sustainable business model that can serve as a solid foundation for a smooth workflow and the challenges of the upcoming years. Hard work pays off, they say, and the changes are now starting to bear fruit.
Have a look at the office celebration featuring our special architectural cake that represents one of our favourite projects. The cake was made by our lovely key account manager, Tímea – who is also a hobby cake designer.

Timi (KAM) and Lilla (graphic designer) are preparing the cake in the former server room.

Timi doing her magic.

András and Attila giving a toast.

The traditional photo with the founders András and Attila.

Recreating the original visual, Asian High-Rise by Snohetta.

We keep growing – meet the new team members

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Giulia Adami

Junior 3D Artist
Giulia studied architecture at Politecnico di Milano. During her studies she worked on the graphic design of a touch panel of an automation system developed by Kloben and Siemens. She approached the world of visualization thanks to the IUAV Master in Digital Architecture (MADI) in Venice, where she discovered her passion for 3D art. She came to Brick Visual through an internship collaboration with the university. During her internship Giulia proved to be a talented and yielding 3D Artist, thus she was offered a full-time position. She has played volleyball since her childhood – also at a professional level. Giulia likes almost all sports, and she has a lot of other hobbies like juggling and creative arts. 

Hajnalka Kiss

Office Coordinator
Hajni graduated as a sociologist at the Nagyvárad University in 2010. Later she worked as a cultural manager at Tenke, her hometown. She has lived in Budapest for four years now, mastering the role of a receptionist at an elementary school. Now she is a crucial member of the Brick team being not only the receptionist, but also nurturing the day-to-day tasks of the office. Hajni enjoys the tonic effects of different cultures within the team, and she finds this aspect extremely inspiring.

Aleksander Chamielec

Junior 3D Artist
Alex studied architecture at the Wrocław (Breslau) University of Technolgy but his interests spread across various mediums of visual arts – from architecture, design and graphic design to photography, film and illustration.  He finds that architectural visualization combines it all perfectly. Aside from doing images, he is an urban cycling advocate and tries to apply minimalism in every aspect of his life.

Peter Pazsiczky

3D Artist
Peter got his degree at the Hungarian University of Fine arts as a painter. Right from the beginning he has been interested in photorealism, and he became acquainted with 3D graphics around his final year at the university. He started working as a freelancer for several interior design studios, and later joined Zoa Studio as a 3D Artist where he spent 2,5 years. Nowadays Peter’s main goal is to improve his visualization skills, and Brick is a great place to do so. In his spare time he likes to do any kind of sports and keeps himself up to date on new softwares and features.

István Varga

Junior 3D Artist
István graduated as an architect engineer at the University of Debrecen, then he worked in construction. He missed the creative aspect of his job, so he picked up hobbies such as graphic design or photography. Because he wanted to do something that is linked to architecture, he started mastering the art of architectural visualization. Now he is refining his skills in the Brick team. István is an avid sportsman, doing and playing everything life offers him.

Variations on a theme – BRPW #1

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Last weekend, we held the first #BRPW aka the BrickVisual Post-production Workshop consisting of some lectures and lots of practice with the supervision of senior 3D artists. In this task, the team had four hours to do the post-production of a raw render, and the results are.. well sometimes beautiful, sometimes sophisticated and often quite mental. In general we can say that imagination deserves five stars! Enjoy
Architecture by Link Arkitektur AS
Original project: Aukra Elderly Home










Architizer A+ Awards Finalist and Special Mention

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We have done lots of victorious competition visuals for architecture studios lately, and the time has come for us to enter that realm as well…
It is a pleasure to see that larger media outlets like Architizer open up to the ever more significant art of architecture visualization. The Modeling & Render category in this year’s A+ Awards – with special focus on visualization qualities – is a great example of that approach. We applied with two projects, and the results are ecstatic: Sosnowiec Sports Complex is among the five finalists and Oulu Station received a Special Mention Award. This is already a huge recognition for us in the architect world.
Winners are out on the 11th of April. Meanwhile, you can participate in the public voting until the 30th of March:


Sosnowiec Sport Complex visualized for BakPak Architects & EOVASTUDIO

Oulu Station visualized for Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects | 1st prize at architecture competition


We hope to share good news after the winners are announced!

Introducing the new colleagues

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Brick Visual has been rapidly growing in the past years, making one of the largest architectural visualization teams in the industry. In the past few months a lot of new colleagues have joined the company from all over the world. Find out more about András, Csaba, Donatas, Dima, Matei and Zsolt. Welcome guys, we wish you a lot of tremendous experiences at Brick!
P.S.: We are still growing, and thus looking for skilled and talented 3D Artists in senior- and mid-level positions! For more information check out our job post.
Donatas Ruksenas
3D Artist
Donatas got his MSc as a Product Designer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. During his first years at the academy he discovered 3D graphics, and understood that this creative segment is one of the most powerful ways to convey one’s ideas to people. Since then he has worked as a 3D freelancer with several architectural studios, designers and game developers. Another big part of Donatas’s life is travel photography, more specifically abandoned industrial places. He loves the smell of history, challenges in life and new discoveries.
Matei Bacanu
3D Artist
Given his masters degree in architecture and passion for visual art and technology, stepping into the world of architectural visualization was a very natural step for Matei. When he is not trying to further develop his skills in archviz, Matei is probably out climbing, trying to play an instrument or riding his motorcycle somewhere in the mountains.
Zsolt Franczia
3D Artist
Zsolti is an architect by profession with work experience in the Netherlands and Switzerland. After graduating he started working as an architectural visualizer since it was a perfect combination of architecture and his other passion: photography. He joined Brick to be able to develop his skills further and to experiment with the latest trends and technologies that will define the industry in the future. He’s a keen sportsman who enjoys rowing, skiing, hiking and playing tennis. He is also interested in space exploration and quantum physics.
Dmitro Balazs
3D Artist
Dima earned his Bsc in Architecture at the Lviv University. Meanwhile he got to learn architecture visualization by himself, and practised his skills to help his classmates. The autodidactic interest soon became his profession – first as a freelancer, then at archviz studios. Dima’s hobby is his work, he cannot really separate the two. However every once in a while he grabs his camera to go out, and take pictures of the ’real’ world.
András Vida
3D Artist
With a background in architecture, music, motion graphics and design, architecture visualization and 3D computer graphics soon became András’s hobby and later his passion. The creation of something beautiful is his fundamental goal and motivation, combining a wide range of tools and expression methods. While off work, András enjoys learning about new discoveries in science, playing the piano, guitar, and doing archery.
Csaba Sipka
Server-Office IT
Csaba started his professional career at the architecture design office of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an IT assistant. Soon he had become a lead project manager and later started his own IT company. In the last 15 years he has delt with CAD design and programming, website building and webshop maintenance. Eventually he found his way in system integration, network building and server and desktop support because these are the most dynamic and flexible parts of the IT field. Besides his fascination for technology, he used to write hundreds of poems and won several awards with them. Nowadays in his past time he works on video editing projects and writes his blog passionately.

Holiday Greetings

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Dear Clients, thank you for the fantastic projects we’ve worked on this year!
Dear Partners, thank you for your outstanding services and the fruitful collaborations throughout 2016!
Dear Fans and Followers, thank you for your continuous support and feedback!
Dear Brick Team, thank you for your outstanding work, your awesome personalities, your will and ability to work toward progress and for all the memorable moments this year.


We say goodbye to 2016 with great memories, and we look forward 2017 with even greater dreams. Happy Holidays from the entire Brick team!

*The office will be closed from the 24th of December. We will return with fresh spirit and mind on the 2nd of January.



Archviz Conferences in 2016

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This conference season has become seriously busy! As the industry is growing bigger, such events become ever more important. We are digital guys and girls, but still there is great interest in knowledge-sharing, panel discussions and personal interaction. Or it is just because of the beer? 2016 put Brick on the fast-lane: we presented at two major events, brainstormed at a pioneer summit and visited some. Most importantly, we got to know many awesome people, and learned a bunch of new things.


d2 – digital design conference 2016

Brick founders András and Attila held a presentation about Brick, in particular about our core production mechanisms. It was a tough challenge to condense all our thoughts in 1 hour, but the result was rewarding. d2 is a relatively young, but rapidly emerging event with always great atmosphere and amazing people. Check out Fabio’s vlog for some cool videos!



Image Credit: d2 conferences


Image Credit: d2 conferences


CG2 – Code for Art 2016

The Chaosgroup guys invited us to talk about our VR and software development at their annual meetup in Sofia. Attila and Peter, our developer gurus gave a smashing presentation for a large audience. CG2 is organized by Chaosgroup, the smart guys behind VRay. We made a lot of priceless connections, and hopefully future collaborations as well.



Image Credit: VRay Chaosgroup


Watch the whole presentation



AVA – Architectural Visualization Association

At d2 we got to know the famous Victor Enrich, who is the founder and spiritual father of this initiation. The basic concept is to organize summits for the archviz industry that is presently becoming sovereign and growing independent. He invited great minds to discuss really important and up-to-date issues, to share knowledge and to shape ideas. It has become obvious that everyone deals with the same issues, and such discussions help facilitating solutions beneficial for the overall industry. András was one of the participants of the panel discussions held at the impressive MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art). He returned to the Budapest office in a very eager mood.



Image Credit: AVA – Architectural Visualization Association


Last, but not least, there is one more event for this year: a two day workshop in Vienna held by Brick guys, organized by d2. András (CEO) and Marton (PM) are really cool teachers, we grant that! December 9-10, Vienna. Tickets are selling out quickly, so if you are interested, get yours as soon as possible.


Based on this year’s experiences, we are really looking forward 2017!

Wine-tasting teambuilding in Eger

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It has been a long time since we last moved out of the office, and forgot about all the polygons and renderbuckets for a while.  Also, as the Brick team had doubled since our last long escape, it was time to get to know each other outside of the office. Hungary has many outstanding wine regions, and when autumn comes along with the season of grape picking, it is traditionally the celebration of harvest and wine.  After visiting Villány and Etyek, it was time for us to test the hills of the historic town Eger! During the weekend, we visited the AÉS, Almagyar Cardinal’s Vineyard, where the owners took us on a fantastic wine-safari, and we got a taste of their pure, naturalistic wines. We also got the chance to unleash a bit of our adrenaline resources on the paintball battlefield. However the peak moment was the royal dinner Gál Tibor Fúzió served along with a selection of their wines. Absolutely stunning architecture and a stylish combination of traditional and modern. We had a great time in Eger, and will definitely go back!


Adrenalin makes you beautiful


We enjoyed the peace & harmony…


first class hospitality …


and an award winning wine terrace.


Our super-long dinner table with some barrels in the reflection


The 200 years old wine cellar



And finally a large group of happy 3d artists having a prime time!