Chief Executive Officer

András Káldos

András is a true architectural artist. Having extensive experience as an architect, visualizer, functional supervisor and trainer in technology, and he has received recognition in a number of competitions such as the Junior Prima Primissima’ award of Hungary in 2009. He is the CEO of Brick since its establishment, grew the company from scratch to its current 50 professionals, while being active as senior 3D artist as well. His interests cover experimental architecture and fractals.


Chief Development Officer

Attila Cselovszki

Attila is a visualizer with architectural background. He is the co-founder of Brick Visual, currently responsible for R&D and the creative direction of the movie production. He has been lecturing at Moholy-Nagy University since 2015. He is a creative thinker who fundamentally believes in balance, empathy and the joy of life.
Chief Operations Officer

Márton Tóth

The always smiling Marci is deeply passionate about his work as an architect and 3D artist. After receiving his diploma at the Budapest University of Technology, he worked for several architect studios. At Brick he started as a 3D Artist, and quickly became a senior. Now he is a Chief Operations Officer, managing workgroup M with fourteen artists, but he still finds time to work in production as well. Marci used to do professional freestyle skiing, and he is still an active sportsman.
Chief Operations Officer

Gergely Kis

Geri is one of the most versatile members of the team. He graduated as an architect, acquired thorough skills in graphic design, moreover he is a professional pianist and composer too. His diverse skills come together at Brick: he is a Chief Operations Officer managing sixteen artists in team G, and composes the music to our animations too. Geri is inspired by innovative design solutions, typography and minimal art.
Chief Financial Officer

Zoltán Gájász

Zoltan is responsible for financial controlling, treasury, and he is focused on further improving Brick’s economic strategy. He became an expert of the area by working several years at multinational companies as IT finance manager and business controller. He enjoys swimming, cycling, and appreciates humor and travel.
Key Account Manager

Bálint TØrØk

Balint studied Slavic languages at the Eotvos Lorand University. After graduating, he participated in a volunteer program in Norway. Since 2010, Balint has worked as an IT analyst and team leader at companies that provide custom technology solutions and business process outsourcing services. Balint is fond of the Nordic languages and cultures that’s why he helped Nordic House Foundation for several years as event organizer and project manager.
Key Account Manager

Emőke Szabóki-Boda

Process Specialist

Zsuzsanna Sápi

Zsuzsi has been involved in client relations for a long time, therefore she has extensive experience both in production and sales. As a process manager, she oversees and manages all mechanisms related to those fields as well as innovation. Having graduated as a landscape architect, her aim is to learn visualization art in order to express her landscaping imagination directly in 3D.
IT Specialist

Miklós Kemecsei

Thanks to his studies at Budapest Technological University and Budapest College of Communication and Business, Miklós has a comprehensive knowledge of art, architecture and media, along with a fascination of everything technical. These skills and interests allow him to manage the online and interactive projects at Brick Visual.

Csaba Sipka

Csaba started his professional career at the architecture design office of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an IT assistant. Soon he had become a lead project manager and later started his own IT company. In the last 15 years he dealt with CAD design and programming, website building and webshop maintenance. Eventually he found his way in system integration, network building and server and desktop support because these are the most dynamic and flexible parts of the IT field. Besides his fascination for technology, he used to write hundreds of poems and won several awards with them. Nowadays in his past time he works on video editing projects and writes his blog passionately.
HR & Finance Coordinator

Gabriella Filó

Office Administrator

Hajnalka Kiss

Production Specialist

József Brózsely

Józsi is an architecture engineer, having 7 years of experience in building design. He is an ageless dreamer, a child who is looking for fun and play in everything – he is a perfect match in the team.
Project Specialist

Dániel Régi

Besides receiving his degree in architecture engineering, Dani’s other main focus is 3D visualization.
He gained experience as a freelancer working on various projects, from still images to short movies. In his freetime, he likes to do sports and hiking in the nature.
Project Specialist

Ciprian Colda

Cip has studied Architecture and Urban Planning in Romania and Italy. He worked for multinational architecture offices in Belgium and Austria, on a large number of projects for Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Iraq, Austria and Germany mostly in competition departments and visualizations. He is always searching for new challenges to improve, and his motto is `don’t limit your challenges challenge your limits’

Production Specialist

Zsolt Eke

Zsolt graduated from the Budapest Technological University, where his thesis was awarded a degree prize by the Chamber of Hungarian Architects. During his studies, he worked at several renowned architecture firms where he learned the essentials of architectural visualization. Today he is one of the fundamental members of our 3d team. Zsolt is a real sportsman, having achieved major successes in climbing and triathlon.
Production Specialist

Péter Horváth

Peter is an architect; previously he was involved in creating luxury buildings, from the concept plans to the final construction drawings. He joint the Brick team at the start, and since then became one of the most important members of our post-production team. In his leisure time, he is an avid sportsman.
Production Specialist

István Lovák

Production Specialist

Bernadett Tóth

Berni graduated at Pecs as an architectural artist. She started as an intern at Brick, and quickly improved such much, that she is now a senior 3D artist. Berni is unique in that she has strong skills in both 3D and matte. She gains inspiration from contemporary fine art exhibitions.
Senior 3D Artist

András Balázs

András is a highly skilled architectural designer experienced in residential and commercial construction. Before joining Brick Visual he worked at an international real estate developer company as a licensed architect, construction supervisor and building site inspector for more than ten years. He is a consummate team player with proven abilities in preparing detailed drawings of architectural designs and visualizations.
Senior 3D Artist

Andrzej Czabanski

Andrzej is doing his Msc in architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. He is curious and passionate about artistically fulfilling the visual side of architectural creation, and at Brick he can focus entirely on creating images while developing his skills and love for architecture. Music is another endeavor that has always been a huge part of Andrzej’s life. He has played in various metal and experimental bands doing shows, writing, and recording music. Andrzej is also an animal rights activist as the member of a large Polish organization.
Senior 3D Artist

Malgorzata Chudy

Malgorzata got her Msc in architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. During her master studies, she was working as an interior designer, which helped her realize that 3D graphics is the most important tool for her in architecture, through which one can make their imagination come true. In her free time, she designs and sews clothes, plays table soccer, and reads books. She strongly believes, that „design” can be a lifestyle.
Senior 3D Artist

Dávid Józsa

Dávid is originally a journalist, but discovered archviz to be a deep passion a few years ago. Since then, he has been mastering his CGI skills. Born in Hungary, he lived almost 25 years in Brazil, from where he brings fascinating experiences.
Senior 3D Artist

Gyula Maróti

Gyula spent a decade working with special make-up effects for film and entertainment before focusing his creativity on digital media. He has been working with architectural visualization over the past ten years creating countless images for a great variation of projects. He has lived and worked for years in London, Los Angeles and Sydney before settling in his home town of Budapest.
Senior 3D Artist

Zsombor Lukács

Zsombor’s job is his passion. After studying architecture, he realized that he would have a more creative job working in visualization. He started as a freelancer in the architectural CG field and became an employee at a notable architect studio. Now his focus is on materials, lighting and rendering, while still using the modeling portion of his beloved programs.
Senior 3D Artist

Petra Vámi

After graduating from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Petra has spent a couple of years working for an architecture design studio, acquiring profound knowledge in the field of interior design. As of today, she hones her skills in 3D modelling and visualization. Petra is being very passionate about gaining new experience and knowledge from participating in the team’s work.
3D Artist

Matei Bacanu

Given his masters degree in architecture and passion for visual art and technology, stepping into the world of architectural visualization was a very natural step for Matei. When he is not trying to further develop his skills in archviz, Matei is probably out climbing, trying to play an instrument or riding his motorcycle somewhere in the mountains.
3D Artist

Dmitro Balázs

Dima got his Bsc in architecture at the Lviv University. Meanwhile he got to learn architecture visualization by himself, and practiced his skills to help his classmates. The autodidact interest has soon become his profession – first as a freelance, then at archviz studios. Dima’s hobby is his work, he cannot really separate the two. However every once in a while he grabs his camera to go out, and take pictures of the ’real’ world.
3D Artist

András Bálint

András got his Msc in architecture at the Budapest University of Technology. For three years, he was working as an exhibition designer, being involved in numerous challenging installation projects. Then, he decided to turn his focus to visualizations, and soon started actively working as a 3D artist. He is also an MTB maniac, every year he does a cross-country marathon.
Junior 3D Artist

Aleksander Chamielec

3D Artist

Zsolt Franczia

Zsolti is an architect by profession with work experience in the Netherlands and Switzerland. After graduating he started working as an architectural visualizer since it was a perfect combination of architecture and and his other passion: photography. He joined Brick to be able to develop his skills further and to experiment with the latest trends and technologies that will define the industry in the future. He’s a keen sportsman who enjoys rowing, skiing, hiking and playing tennis. He is also interested in space exploration and quantum physics.
3D Artist

Bence Kerekes

Besides receiving his degree in landscape architecture, Bence’s main focus are graphic design and visualization. While working with several companies and in his own enterprise, he acquired essential experience to show our desires in the good looking reality. In his pleasure time, he practices extreme sports, such as highline and rock climbing.
3D Artist

Ilya Korolyov

Ilya is a civil engineer, he earned his degree in structure engineering. For several years he was working for a Dutch architectural company in its Budapest and Netherlands offices. Besides working in 3dmax, he is interested in organic modelling based on anatomic studies. At off-work time he learns and masters Zbrush.
3D Artist

André Machado

André graduated in architecture and worked as an architect in Portugal for several years. As most people who start working in 3D on their own, he felt it was time to take a step further into the field, thus he moved to Hungary to join the Brick team. Hobbies include classic guitar, tennis, and anything with four wheels and a gas pedal.
3D Artist Intern

Christopher Moser

3D Artist

Zoltán Palyik

Zoli graduated as an architect, completing his Msc at Pécs. He practiced the profession for six years, designing buildings of all types. 3D has always been the most fundamental tool for expressing his ideas, and he sought for a community that shares the passion for 3D creation. After working as a freelance for years, he is happy to be part of the Brick team. Zoli is also a co-founder of the Hungarian branch of FabLab, the international public workshop network.
3D Artist

Donatas Ruksenas

Donatas earned his MSc as a Product Designer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. During his first years at the academy he discovered 3D graphics, and understood that this creative segment is one of the most powerful to convey one’s ideas to people. Since then he has worked as a 3D freelancer with several architectural studios, designers and game developers. Another big part of Donatas’s life is travel photography, more specifically abandoned industrial places. He loves the smell of history, challenges in life and new discoveries.
3D Artist

Péter Pazsiczky

Peter got his degree at the Hungarian University of Fine arts as a painter. Right from the beginning he has been interested in photorealism, and he became acquainted with 3D graphics around his final year at the university. He started working as a freelancer for several interior design studios, and later joined Zoa Studio as a 3D Artist where he spent 2,5 years. Nowadays Peter’s main goal is to improve his visualization skills, and Brick is a great place to do so. In his spare time he likes to do any kind of sports and keeps himself up to date on new softwares and features.
3D Artist

Donát Szakmáry

After years of volunteer work in several countries, he worked for architectural studios with a sustainable profile. Leaving his long-term residency Venezuela, he now dedicates himself for the architectural visualization. His other quest for perfection is through the mastery of mind and body by practicing yoga and meditation. He believes that a more universal mindset improves the quality of life of everybody in every corner of the world.
Junior 3D Artist

István Varga

3D Artist

András Vida

With a background in architecture, music, motion graphics and design, architecture visualization and 3D computer graphics soon became András’s hobby and later his passion. The creation of something beautiful is his fundamental goal and motivation, combining a wide range of tools and expression methods. While off-work, András enjoys learning about new discoveries in science, playing on piano, guitar, and doing archery.
VFX Specialist

Mihály Paseczki

A graduated sound engineer and experienced multimedia artist, Misi worked as an audio and visualisation producer for Hungarian bands, while undertaking various commercial projects as a sound designer. Coming from the world of music and sound, he joined Brick to take care of the audio and animation production side. In his free time, he likes to play various instruments and to cycle in the mountains of Budapest.
Product & Service Development Specialist

Péter Sárhidai

After several years as a freelancer, he joined Brick as a 3D artist. By his own admission, the best part of his work is that he can participate in a diverse range of projects. Creating skyscrapers and brainstorming on challenging projects suit his personality. He is also the contact manager of Australian projects.
Product & Service Development Specialist

Zsolt Simon

Simi is our award-winning animation staffer. He has received leading recognition including the National Archicad Competition first prize and the 3D sign architecture visualization award. He maintains a balance between CAD and the final visual experience. His enthusiastic style adds to his work and collaboration with our team.
Graphic Designer

Lilla Hajnal

Lilla graduated as a landscape architect, having won several awards during her studies. Later on, she continued her studies in Genova, where she learned Italian language as well. Along with her MA studies, she finished a graphic designer course. Her favourite sport is skiing, and she is one of those  few who go exercising before office hours. She established the term DIRR in the office, that is now widely used when something major happens. 
Marketing Specialist

Dóra Villing

Dora got her degree in arts management at the Oxford Brookes University. Her professional experiences in the fields of design, art and communication were acquired both in the commercial and the non-profit sector. Her major interest is photography, she is a  board member of the Studio of Young Photographers, and that pretty much explains what she does in her free time.