Brick Visual

High-end Visualization Worldwide. We provide high quality computer-rendered images, fly-through animations, advertisement movies, interactive solutions and other marketing elements.


We stand out by our unique and sophisticated skills, which help us to craft vivid images most appropriate for each architectural project.

Working Globally

No matter where you are located around the world, Brick Visual can deliver a wide range of visualization services to architect offices, developers, advertisement companies in a timely manner.

Applied Baroque

Our visualizations tell stories, with a touch of magnificence, spectacle and tension.


Image Production

We create photorealistic rendered 3D images, designed to showcase the potential beauty and ambiance of every property.  The sceneries are so realistic that they capture the unique allure of each space and environment.  Our work develops after discussions with the client about the targeted customers so our images can accurately reflect the presentation the client is seeking.

Movie Production

Our movies enable the viewer to gain a real-life experience of a project in its completed state. Using high resolution and special effects, we are able to showcase a project in a precise and flawless state. Adding a touch of artistry to our movie creation process is the key to highlighting the most appealing features of a project.

Interactive Solutions

Our 360° view technology enables the viewer to navigate through a virtual tour of the property. As with our images and movies, the 360° view focuses on providing the strongest possible presentation of the final space. This unique 3D system gives our partners the opportunity to promote their properties in a new and more effective way.

Web Design

Our web design service is aiming to provide the optimal viewing experience of our architectural visualizations on all desktop and mobile platforms. By keeping up with the latest trends and new technologies, our web designers will enhance the user experience on your site and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Graphic Design

With our graphic design service we provide solutions for corporate identity creation, logo design, print design, info-graphics and other applications. We understand the importance of establishing a strong brand identity that is matched across all your company print and online marketing materials. We can use an existing logo or create new images to develop the strongest designs for all your needs.

Interior Design

As part of our service, our professional designers can create a unique interior design.  After a detailed consultation, we will conceive a design in movie form, imagery and interactive products that show furniture, lighting, decoration and more that will appeal to the targeted consumer.

Architectural Visualization Samples

Interested in industrial visualization?

"We are thrilled to have Brick Visual as part of our extended team of preferred and trusted service providers, catering to our real estate visualization needs. They have an exceptional team of professionals on board, who delivered well beyond our expectations. We are extremely satisfied with all of the services rendered by Brick Visual and we look forward to working together again on future projects."

− Silverstein Properties

"We are very pleased with Brick Visual’s service and product quality and we see them as a preferred and reliable 3D service provider. They have an outstanding team of professionals who constantly deliver what we need and even more!"

− Henning Sørlie, Marketing Director at Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS

"They have made THIEF SPA renderings and our 360° views of all THE THIEF. Fantastic service and very talented people! Highly recommended."

− Siri Løining, Head of Communications at The Thief

"Skanska Property Hungary has been working with the Brick Visual team since the establishment of the company in 2012.
Our joint assignments ranged from 3D visualizations of our sustainable commercial projects in Budapest– the Green House and Nordic Light office buildings – to a historical photographic overview of our entire Hungarian portfolio of 25 years. We are extremely happy not only with the quality BRICK delivered, but also with the innovative approach they took and the great collaboration we have developed through the years."

− Skanska Property Hungary Ltd.

"Brick Visual has added an extra dimension to our marketing program that has enabled us to communicate our vision for a space to tenants and investors in a novel, high quality format. They can see and feel the space. BV’s attention to detail, professionalism and communication made them easy to work with and the end product was nothing short of impressive!"

− Kevin Hoo, Savanna Real Estate Investment & Development Firm